This Tiny Detail May Have Just Confirmed A ‘Euphoria’ Theory About Rue’s Fate


The last scene in the Euphoria Season 1 finale ended leaving Rue in what appeared to be a very precarious position. Did she relapse? Did she die? The sequence was hauntingly beautiful, but ambiguous, making the cliffhanger especially excruciating for fans who have to wait for Season 2. But this theory about Rue's fate on Euphoria might reassure some fans that Zendaya's character didn't have as tragic an end as some might have guessed. Major spoilers for Euphoria Season 1 ahead.

After Rue seemingly relapsed, following her decision not to run away with Jules came a sequence where she's tumbling through her house, in front of her mother and sister who don't seem to hear here, but being embraced by her deceased father. She then joins a massive group dressed in maroon gowns, matching her signature sweatshirt, performing an interpretive dance that ended with her falling off a cliff made out of their bodies. The song playing in the background, which Rue sings through the scene, is “All For Us” by Labrinth, who was the lead composer on the series this season, and Zendaya. With the white light above and Rue giving into the fall, many did interpret it as her death following her relapse with drugs. But a theory actually suggests that she made it out alive on the other end, and it all comes down to the noises in the credits.

After the song ends and Euphoria's credits begin to role, soft noises can be heard, suggesting life after this sequence, and some are hoping that it means that Rue is not only alive, but getting care, and is perhaps in the hospital once more.

Interestingly enough, Jacob Elordi (Nate Jacobs) spoke about this theory in an interview with The Wrap on Aug. 5, following the finale, expressing his appreciation for it. “I read an interesting theory about her hearing the beep, like, you can hear the wind or something at the end of the soundtrack at the very end of the episode and you can hear the beeps from, like, the hospital. And I thought that was pretty cool,” Elordi said.

Even though Elordi's support doesn't necessarily bolster the theory, since production hasn't started on the second season yet, it is something for fans to stew over. “I don’t know, it could really go anywhere, because it could be cut and dry, that she snorted drugs and relapsed, or maybe it’s not so cut and dry because the show plays with fantasy and reality so much,” he continued. "That’s kind of been the tone of the whole show, you sort of never really know what’s going on and it always kind of leaves it ambiguous to a degree.”

But fans have found different clues they interpret to mean she did die in the finale, since there's been a popular theory that Rue might have actually been dead this whole time. The Israeli show Euphoria was inspired by reportedly ended with the death of its main character. This would explain why Rue has been narrating in past-tense, with an almost omniscient knowledge of her friends in her retelling. Her falling off that deep end in the Season 1 finale after relapsing could symbolize the end of her life, and where her retelling starts. But all those soft sounds at the end of the credits are now giving hope to fans that Rue is just in the hospital.

If that's the case, and Rue does have another shot at life after her apparent relapse, hopefully she'll see how much her relationship with Jules is not helping her and is, in fact, toxic. Also, fingers crossed that fans get to see justice against Nate, and that Fezco survives his confrontation with Mouse. Rue isn't the only character Euphoria fans are worried about, and Season 2 can't come soon enough.