This 'GoT' Star May Have Confirmed That Major Character Spoiler

Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO

The Game Of Thrones cast are not only fantastic actors, but they are tremendously skilled at not giving anything away about the show they star in. Yet, before "The Spoils Of War" aired on Aug. 6, Jaime actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau tweeted just three words that now seem like they could have been a major spoiler regarding his character's fate. However, before you start freaking out that Coster-Waldau's tweet means that Jaime will die on Game Of Thrones, let's also consider the fact that the Danish actor could be misleading fans knowing that they would think it was a possible spoiler. Let the Twitter analysis begin!

Although the fourth episode of Season 7, "The Spoils Of War," was the shortest in all of Game Of Thrones' history, it was one of the most exciting episodes to date with Daenerys unexpectedly deciding to fight the Lannisters with her Dothraki army and her dragon Drogon. Even if you have been rooting for Daenerys Targaryen to take the Iron Throne, it wasn't easy to choose a side to cheer for when you had Jaime Lannister and Bronn leading her opposition. And with Jaime potentially drowning in the final moments of "The Spoils Of War," his time by the throne could be over — something that Coster-Waldau hinted at it with his tweet.

More than nine hours before "The Spoils Of War" premiered, Coster-Waldau retweeted an HBO video clip of Jaime's army about to be attacked in the episode and the actor added the words, "All good things...." Like Nelly Furtado sang, "All good things come to an end," and so they are the most obvious words to fill in after Coster-Waldau's ellipses. But was he really teasing his death hours before the episode premiered? Or did he post this knowing just how insane it would make fans once the episode aired?

Like his fellow cast members, Coster-Waldau has been coy about his character's future, often being deliberately misleading or vague in interviews. During a recent episode of "Remote Controlled," Variety's podcast, he discussed Jaime's death and said when his character does die, he will get "fried." He continued, "There's been these moments where a fire plays a big part of the show, but also in his storyline. So, I could imagine that one of those dragons would just roast him." After "The Spoils Of War," it seems that Coster-Waldau said that intentionally to mislead viewers once they got to Episode 4 and it makes his tweet quite circumspect.

Yet, it must be tricky to promote the HBO series and keep track of everything that can't be said since very attentive fans will read into any comments a Game Of Thrones cast member makes about a character's fate. And Coster-Waldau hasn't been perfect when it comes to giving away potential clues. While on Jimmy Kimmel Live! before Season 7, Kimmel teased Coster-Waldau for lying to him before Season 6 premiered about Jon Snow being dead. In response, Coster-Waldau said, "The thing is Jon Snow is dead, but Jon Stark Targaryen has risen from the dead."

Almost immediately he caught that this could be a spoiler since Game Of Thrones has not officially stated that Jon's father is Rhaegar Targaryen with actors like Kit Harington being careful to always reference that his character's father's identity is still technically unknown. But even with fans being pretty certain that Jon is a Targaryen (cause of course he is), Coster-Waldau covered his tracks by saying, "Right? I mean, I'm just making it up."

Later in the episode, Kimmel asked him if Jaime will survive until Season 8 and the actor was forced to say, "I don't know." So while Coster-Waldau may have unintentionally revealed something about Jon's character with some friendly banter on the spot, it would seem his tweet was probably more planned out, like his response about his own character. That means while he may reveal some intel every now and then in interviews, it's probably not safe to trust that his tweet means that Jaime is dead. And hey, that's actually a good thing for Jaime fans! Well ... kind of. Because even if Jaime lives, Coster-Waldau's tweet was foreshadowing that Daenerys' attack will shift the Game Of Thrones. Jaime Lannister's time in power has indeed come to an end and while he might not drown, his story arc will never be the same again now that he has met the Mother of Dragons.