Unicorn Pizza Exists — Yes, You Read That Right

by Eliza Castile

Will the unicorn food craze never end? If it keeps producing dazzling concoctions like Industry Kitchen's new unicorn pizza, I hope it doesn't anytime soon. The latest fabulously-colored addition to the trend combines pizza and dessert, which honestly should be enough to get anyone in possession of a sweet tooth on board. Like all unicorn food, though, the pizza's appeal is mostly aesthetic — and boy, does it deliver on that front.

Officially named the Pop Candy Land Pizza, the dessert starts with rainbow dough, topped with eye-searingly colorful icing, sprinkles, and Pop Rocks. The whole shebang is finished off with a dollop of pink and blue cotton candy, because subtlety has no place in the unicorn trend. It may call itself pizza, but according to the Cosmopolitan writer who gave it a try, the result pretty much tastes like a "giant sugar cookie." It's not quite a nutritious dinner, but as far as photogenic desserts go, the Pop Candy Land Pizza can count itself among the most fabulous.

Unicorn food lovers can get their hands on the dessert at Manhattan's Industry Kitchen, a restaurant known for its Instagrammable menu. On top of the unicorn pizza, they also offer a $2,000 pizza featuring gold flakes and foie gras.

Fortunately, you probably won't have to sell your kidneys to try the Pop Candy Land Pizza. Its price isn't listed on Industry Kitchen's website, but their un-gilded pizzas cost between $14 and $20.

Love it or hate it, the magical food trend has surprisingly strong staying power. On top of the (in)famous Unicorn Frappuccino, rainbow grilled cheese, mermaid toast, and even color-changing noodles brighten up Instagram feeds around the world with exhausting regularity. If you're infuriated by the very thought of a rainbow bagel, you're certainly not alone, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy Instagram foodie trends anyway. Goth pizza and ice cream are the perfect antidotes to the unicorn craze.

Or you can just skip the Instagram and stick with traditional pizza. Why mess with cheesy perfection?