You Can Get A Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar This Year

There are a lot of different reasons to get excited about the holiday season. There's the togetherness, the family, the friends, the sense of warmth and wholesomeness and happiness in the air. But more than that, more than any of that, there's the food. Piles of it, heaps of it, buckets of it — the holidays are a time for eating and that is a sacred thing. And to me, no food is as perfect for the holidays as chocolate — and this vegan chocolate advent calendar for 2019 lets the dairy-free crew get in on that sweet, sweet holiday chocolate action.

That's right, if you want to celebrate by counting down the days until Christmas with a treat every single morning, then the Divine Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar will let you do that, dairy-free. At 70% chocolate and "deliciously rich," it seems to be a crowd pleaser. You can currently get it on Amazon for just under $16.

One reviewer wrote that "the shapes are fantastic and this is high quality of the dark vegan chocolate" — and a lot of happy reviewers agree. Whether you have a vegan friend who's a total chocoholic or you avoid dairy yourself, there's finally an easy way to start every day with chocolate. And I'm pretty sure the month of December is meant to be filled with a chocolate headache from morning until night — that's what this season was made for.

This is especially exciting news because 2019 seems to be that year of advent calendars. When I was a kid, advent calendars were something that parents used to make us behave in the lead up to the holiday season. But now, they're something adults can use to make themselves behave, too! Adult advent calendars are all over the place this year, whether you want a luxurious and expensive beauty blowout or just a daily boozy treat.

One of the most exciting days of the year so far was finding out that Vinebox's 12 Nights of Wine Advent Calendar was finally back on preorder for 2019. This wine-filled delight tends to sell out year after year, so it's important to make your move quickly if you want to finish 12 days in a row with a perfect glass of vino.

I, however, am not a sophisticated lady and fall somewhere in between Target's Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendars and a marshmallow advent calendar that comes with its own darn chocolate spoon (and yes, I do already own a range of Harry Potter socks but I will never, ever have enough). Seriously, no matter what makes you feel all warm and cozy this winter — from Harry Potter socks to hard liquor and everything in between — you can probably find an advent calendar for it.

But still, the classic advent calendar to me will always be with tiny holiday chocolates behind each door — and my childhood memories of eating them all in a single sitting. For those of us who love the classic chocolate advent experience, it's a really nice twist to see a dairy-free version where the chocolate actually looks delicious. So dark chocolate fans and plant-based eaters alike can sink their teeth into this vegan chocolate advent calendar. And, if you have more self-control than I do, it might actually last you through the whole advent season.