You Can Buy An Advent Calendar Full Of Different Flavors Of Marshmallow

Not On The High Street

The rule for advent calendars in 2019 is that if you can dream it, someone's already gone ahead and done it. Thankfully, this new superpower of the collective consciousness has indeed spread to marshmallow lovers, because this marshmallow advent calendar for 2019 is truly the stuff s'mores dreams are made of. Sold by British retailer Not On The High Street, it comes complete with 25 different-flavored ginormous marshmallows, one for each day leading up to Christmas (and, of course, one for Christmas day). And as an added bonus? It also comes with a little chocolate spoon, which you can stir into warm milk to make into hot chocolate for prime marshmallow consumption. What a delicious time to be alive.

The only drawback to this particular advent calendar is that, as of right now, it's only available to ship in the UK — meaning if you want to get your hands on it in the U.S., you're either going to have to ask a friend across the pond for a favor, or take a trip over there yourself. If you can swing it, it retails for £17.50, or about $21, and even comes with the option of adding a "marshmallow toaster & skewer set," so you can deftly turn your 25 days of marshmallows into 25 days of lightly charred s'mores. In fact, if you're looking for a creative way to do that, you might as well buy a chocolate advent calendar to pair random chocolates with the random marshmallow you get each day — all you need is a box of graham crackers and you're set.

If you don't mind advent calendar spoilers, the set includes six flavors of marshmallow in it: Salted Caramel, Butterscotch, Gingerbread, Mint Choc Chip, Milk & Cookies, and S’mores. Which means that yes, there exists a world in which you can turn a s'mores marshmallow into a s'mores, granting you more power than a human should be able to hold.

Not On The High Street

If you're feeling some marshmallow FOMO, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy a good holiday s'more stateside. Walmart just released an entire line of specialty dessert marshmallows, including a strawberry one that's filled with chocolate and a cupcake-flavored one — two ideal s'mores candidates if you ever saw one. And if you just want to cut straight to the chase on s'mores-themed desserts, Aldi is selling a massive s'mores cookie kit, complete with a nonstick cookie pan, that can feed up to 16 people. And if you're truly committed to being in a s'mores state of mind this holiday season, you can invest in this s'mores cage at Bed Bath & Beyond that helps you cook up the perfectly roasted s'more every time.

Essentially, although it's a bummer the marshmallow advent calendar is an ocean away, it's easy to either DIY a marshmallow advent calendar based on the vast array of flavors that are hitting retailers in the U.S., or just go full ham on s'mores all winter long. Just remember to mallow responsibly.