This Video Of North West Singing A Kanye Song Is Too Precious For This World

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North West might still be two weeks shy of her 5th birthday, but make no mistake, the tiny celebrity cutie has all the makings of a bona-fide musical superstar. Anyone need some convincing? This video of North West singing one of Kanye's songs should do the trick. Just a warning, though — it'll probably warm your heart and maybe even induce some involuntary bouts of swooning in the process. At least, that's what happened on Twitter, where thousands of Kanye fans have been celebrating the rapper's unbelievably adorable eldest daughter since he shared a video of her singing.

Trailing the release of his new album, Ye, which dropped last Friday, June 1, Kanye's notoriously controversial Twitter account has been riddled with posts about the record. But on an entirely non-controversial note, his latest Ye-related tweet was one most everyone is likely to enjoy. Because, even West's dissenters would probably have to agree that watching North croon through the chorus to her dad's newly-minted track, "Make No Mistake," is a sure-fire way to contract a hearty wave of the warm and fuzzies. Unsurprisingly, that appears to have been Kanye's reaction to his daughter's impromptu rendition of the super-sweet song, too.

Check out North's charming cover below.

On Saturday night, June 2, Kanye shared a clip of North's absurdly endearing musical chops with his social media following, tweeting a short clip of her singing alongside a caption that probably sums up most peoples' reactions to the video pretty accurately: three heart-eye emojis. After watching the clip (and re-watching it; as those who've seen it know full well, the video is more than worthy of at least one repeat viewing), it seems safe to say that's more than an appropriate response.

Though the clip only spans a 10-second duration, it hardly takes North half that time to command the spotlight. Donning what looks like some kind of princess-themed dress (hot-pink frilly sleeves and all), the 4-year-old clutches a Yoo-hoo as she giddily sings into the camera, "Make no mistake, I still love you," two times over. Crying yet? Thought so.

Speaking of crying, that seems to be the overwhelming response to North's "Make No Mistake" rendition on Twitter, too. In the 12 hours or so that have passed since Kanye first posted the video, his tweet has already racked up more than 100K likes on the social media platform. That's in addition to the tweet's lively comments section, which is riddled with almost 1,000 remarks from fans who are similarly convinced the video might be one of the cutest things they've ever seen.

For all those fans who can't seem to get enough of little North's effervescent star power (seriously, did everyone see how effortlessly she charmed the camera?), you might be in luck. With the eldest Kardashian-West child's 5th birthday less than two weeks away on June 15, here's to hoping this month's news circuit is chock-full of North updates.

If last week's pre-birthday news was any indication of what's to come, that could be a promising possibility. On Friday, Kim Kardashian posted a photo on Instagram to unveil a stylish surprise birthday gift to her daughter, according to a weekend report by E! News. The gift was sent to North by none other than Alexander Wang, who wished the soon-to-be 5-year-old a "happy birthday" with a leopard-print shoulder bag, as well as sparkly clutch, both created by the designer himself. (The shoulder bag alone, according to E!, is reportedly worth about $750.) "Oh my God, North is the luckiest girl in the world," Kim said in the Instagram video. "Who gets a bag like this from Alexander Wang?"

The answer, of course, is North West, pint-sized Hollywood personality and apparent budding musical talent to boot. Judging by North's viral "Make No Mistake" rendition, it seems pretty safe to say she's not planning to cool it with the unbelievable cuteness factor any time soon. Let's hope the little one has a lot more impromptu backseat performances for us where this one came from.