This Woman Asked For A "Round" Manicure

Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you get your nails done on the reg, chances are you're eventually going to end up with a manicure you don't like. That's just the luck of the draw. But hopefully you're luckier than Manchester resident Emma Jones, who asked her technician for a "round" manicure and got a complete and total disaster in return.

It was Jones's first time with this particular technician, and she explained to Mamamia that, "I was completely distracted at the salon because we were talking about my experiences in Turkey as I have just come back from a holiday so I headed out the salon and got in my car and thought what on earth has he done!"

Upon seeing her nightmarish nails, Jones says she was "mortified," and decided to head to her aunt's place. Her aunt, who is also a nail technician, snapped a photo of the manicure and posted it on Facebook, where it currently has more than 13,000 shares and 6,000 likes.

She captioned the post, "This is what happened to my client when she went into a different local nail bar without doing her research [...] i couldn't believe my eyes so I had to get a picture [...] £35 she paid for these."

Paying what's essentially a £35 (or about $45 USD) admission ticket to your own personal Saw trap — let's play a game called "getting these nails off with the least amount of suffering possible" — is nothing to sneeze at. Of course, the manicure would have been completely worth $45 if the manicurist had given Jones what she was actually asking for: Gently rounded, almond-shaped nails.

At least Jones won't be stuck with her manicure for long — her aunt is coming to the rescue. "I've had a couple of people say they're going to fix them for free [but] my auntie offered to do them for free too," she told Mamamia. She added that for now, her aunt has whittled the nails down so they're thinner and not so in the way.

Here's hoping no one else will encounter this problem, but if they do, hopefully, like Jones, they'll have a charitable aunt who can peel off their death claws and get them back on track.