Say See You Next Tuesday To This Week With These Bank Holiday Memes

Mauro Grigollo/Stocksy

Living in the UK has lots of pros and cons. However, one of the serious pros is the amount of national holidays and bank holidays we get. Is there anything more delicious than a three day weekend? No, of course not. Especially one when the days are getting longer and longer and (hopefully) less cold. Yes as summer approaches, the only thing cold and wet (fingers crossed) will be your drinks. Like all great and momentous events, there are so many three day weekend memes for May bank holiday weekend.

After being serenaded into the spring/summer 2K19 sunshine by a certain boyband's dulcet tones, it is no longer going to be May. Nope guys, it is May. The precious gateway into summer when weather begins to get cute but kids aren't off school yet so you can still get reasonable flights and holidays. Well apart from actual May bank holiday itself, where the costs of accommodation and travel soar.

It is IMO the perfect time to really take in your surroundings and really love on your home town. The sun is shining (OK maybe not really), it's sun's out guns out, and above all it's getting drunk on a Sunday without any fear of an early rise the following day. Hallelujah!

It is a good time to get your groove on and really let loose.

Show off those moves and put every little bit of energy you have into fun and entertainment.

Nobody blames you for being super excited, guys it is about to be a whole lot of fun.

Children across the country are ecstatic to be due to spend Monday with their motley crews instead of dragging themselves or being dragged to school.

Guys, kids are not alone. Adults are also loving the bants.

Not to mention the swathes of animals who are low key being dragged into this via some slightly dubious puns. But you know, we'll take it.

Dare I say it is an almost holy occasion for some. One to celebrate and rejoice. Be thankful for the three day weekend is here.

However, the main feeling I am sure you can sense is that OTT smugness sweeping the nation. That knowledge that yes, it's the weekend but no, not just any weekend. You and all your mates will be able to have the weekend you want minus quite so much of the fear.

Bet you are low key sauntering out of the office today. Saying "thank you, next" to the week and hello to three days off.

And guys, don't get me wrong. I am not saying every person wants to go out and party. Some people just want to get some hardcore R&R on. Which is not only absolutely fine but also absolutely necessary. Those box sets won't marathon themselves, guys.

I mean guys, I would say one thing: be kind to yourself.

Be kind because Monday might not be a thing this week but Tuesday is fully going to be a thing. Brace yourselves.