The Story Behind Tiffany Haddish's Outfit At The Oscars Is So Incredibly Sweet

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If you were waiting for a memorable moment at the Oscars, you didn't have to look much further than Tiffany Haddish's red carpet dress. She made her grand entrance on Sunday night in a gorgeous gown, cape, and golden headpiece, and during interviews was her usual funny, charming self. But we quickly learned that the look — while beautiful and memorable all on its own — also had a deeper meaning. And one that made her fans fall even more in love.

On the red carpet, Haddish told ABC, "My father is from Eritrea and he passed away last year. And he said one day I would end up here, and if I ever end up at the Oscars to honor my people, so I'm honoring my fellow Eritreans."

Haddish also told E!, "I'm wearing an Eritrean authentic princess dress. And I'm proud of it!" She went on to say she was looking forward to meeting Meryl Streep, and having drinks with Whoopi Goldberg. (I'm crossing my fingers that happens for her, because those are two great goals.)

She really was a woman on a mission. Haddish, who was attending the Oscars as presenter, made good on her word by wearing the most gorgeous gown, which not only honored her father and her success, but also her half Eritrean roots.

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The cream colored gown reached all the way down to the red carpet, where it pooled every so slightly. It featured a stunning black and gold geometric pattern, which drew the eye down to the hemline and back up to the neckline.

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And then there was that cape. Haddish wore it comfortably draped over her shoulders like it were a casual jean jacket, but of course it was anything but. The cape featured another golden print, this time one that appeared to be made up of more natural designs.

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The comedian also wore a golden headpiece, which draped down onto her forehead. Her hair was pulled up into a top knot, with a few pieces pulled out to frame her face. She went for sultry, smoky eyes, bright pink lipstick, and gold statements earrings, too.

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If anyone was drawing attention, it was her. Haddish's look really stood out from everyone else on the carpet. Other looks of the evening were much simpler. But the star wasn't going for simple. She was making a statement, and showing off a piece of her Northeast African heritage.

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But apart from being super memorable, Haddish won everyone's hearts with the story behind the look. The fact she was honoring her roots, and a promise she made to her late father, was just about as memorable as it gets.

And apparently, it's a look that just came together in the past few days. In an interview with People, the star said she still wasn't sure what she was planning on wearing to the Academy Awards, but that she did have her clutch all ready to go saying, “The one thing I have to have in my purse on Oscar Sunday is some breath mints, because I’m definitely going to be eating.” A woman after my own heart.

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And her fans were, understandably, all about it.

Oh, and PS, it looks like she did get one of her wishes for the evening.

Later on in the evening, while presenting with comedian Maya Rudolph, Haddish came on stage in a crisp white dress with a jeweled collar. It iwas gorgeous.

But what made the look even more amazing was the fact both women ditched their high heels — all in the name of being more comfortable.

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Both comedians were instead carrying their heels; Rudolph was barefoot and Haddish had on a pair of Ugg slippers. Whether she was on the red carpet, chasing after Meryl Streep, or presenting in a pair of slippers, Haddish had quite the evening. And proved that she's not someone we'll forget.