Here's When To Schedule Your Next Beauty Treatment, According To Your Menstrual Cycle


Being on your period isn't always fun. From being in pain to experiencing dramatic shifts in your moods, there are a lot of less-than-joyful symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle. You also may feel there are certain things you'd rather put off while on your period, due to being more sensitive to pain and more aware of your body. For this reason, it's advisable to plan certain appointments that may affect your body and mind accordingly; here's how to time your beauty treatments around your menstrual cycle.

Beauty appointment app Treatwell has shared advice on when to book in for certain beauty treatments, including hair removal and massage. While they recommend booking in for certain, more relaxing treatments while actually on your period, others should be left to other points of your cycle in order to avoid experiencing any more discomfort than usual.

Massage: While On Your Period (Days One - Seven)

Unsurprisingly, Treatwell recommends booking in for a massage when you're actually on your period at any point. A full body relaxing massage (with light pressure) can work wonders all over, while a thorough foot massage can also provide a little TLC and take your mind off of any stomach pain.

A Haircut: 10 Days Into Your Cycle

There is evidence to suggest that, due to sebum changes, your hair is at its most 'natural' during this point. As shortly after, sebaceous glands can become more active and produce more grease. Hair will feel most like your own here, so you will be able to judge the best style for you, and enjoy all the benefits of having a deep shampoo and clean.

Hair Removal: The Week After Your Period Ends (Around Day 12)

If you're going to get anything such as a piercing, dental work or a wax done, it's best to wait until your period is over. Treatwell claims that increased hormones mean your skin is the most active and sensitive during menstruation, meaning two things: more pain and more chance of reactive rashes and/or ingrown hairs. The results of a 2003 study of 20 women also suggest that sensitivity to pain may be higher during your period, making anytime after it an ideal time to get that dreaded bikini wax.


Facial: 10 Days Before Your Next Period Starts

According to Treatwell facialist Chelsee Lewis, progesterone (the hormone that triggers increased levels of sebum) is at its highest during this time period, meaning a deeply exfoliating and cleansing facial has more of a chance to really get to work. If you suffer from breakouts while on your period, having a facial 10-14 days before can really make a difference.

Manicure: Seven Days Before Your Next Period Starts

While I reckon you should go and get a manicure at any time of the month, Treatwell says that the week before is the best time. Why? Well, oestrogen rises at this point and, as the Irish Examiner reports, the hormone regulates nail growth which may mean longer nails at this point in your cycle. Plus, having a manicure can give you an extra boost and result in you really feeling yourself which never hurts.

Don't mind me, I'm just off to book all my treatments for the next month!