Tinder Will Now Let You Swipe For Spring Break Matches Before You Even Leave For Vacation

Spring break, for a lot of people, is basically synonymous with a holiday fling. You're out in the sun, you have a break from work or college, and things can just sort of happen when you're away from your real life. Maybe it turns into something more, maybe it's just a hookup for the sake of a hookup, maybe you come home and realize that you've both transferred to the same high school and your band of Pink Ladies and his band of T-birds burst into songs that transcend generations. You never know what can happen when you meet on vacation. Well, Tinder's Spring Break Mode just made connecting simpler, no matter where you go to soak up the summer sun.

Starting on March 4 and running through until March 31, Tinder U users — users with educational accounts — will be able to use a special Spring Break service that allows them to choose where they're going for their vacation and find others who are spring breaking in the same neck of the woods. Then you can connect on a sunny beach surrounded by cocktails with tiny umbrellas — and the rest will be history.

"Get on Tinder and look for the Spring Break card," the company explains. "From there, you can add your Spring Break destination to see who’s going where. We’ll show you the location your potential matches are headed right on their profiles, so you can match and chat before you pack your bags and go." So, hooking up on spring break just got even more straightforward... which is kind of a surprise, because it was kind of the whole point of spring break already.

Not heading anywhere sunny or sandy for spring break? You don't have to worry, there's still a way to match with users over the spring period. Tinder U users can select a "Staycation" option on Spring Break to be connect with other people who are staying put over the vacation. Maybe you can all go get some paddle pools and sun lamps and imagine life somewhere a little warmer — maybe you can just order pizza and watch Netflix. The choice is yours, really.

If you're not a Tinder U user, there's still a chance for you to connect with people around the world, because this isn't the first time that Tinder has allowed travel and swiping to combine. With the Tinder Passport feature you can already change your location and connect with people anywhere on the globe — and it lets you connect with people back home while you're traveling.

People use Tinder for a lot of different things. Some people use it to try to find a meaningful connection — and a surprising number of people do end up getting married after meeting on dating apps. Some people use it just to date around or even to meet friends. And some people use it for hookups. If you're in the hookup spirit and you happen to be on spring break, then it's easy to see how Tinder's Spring Mode could be a great fit for you. Who knows? Maybe you'll be acting out your own version of Grease before you know it — without the cigarettes and the misogyny, of course.