The 'RHONY' Women Gave Tinsley Relationship Advice & She Was NOT Having It

Even though he hasn't appeared on this season of Real Housewives of New York, Tinsley Mortimer's then-boyfriend Scott Kluth has been a hot topic of conversation. Her mom Dale Mercer even sewed a stocking for her other daughter's boyfriend, but not Scott because she didn't see him sticking around. Tinsley Mortimer's relationship with Scott Kluth has brought her closer the New York City Housewives.

During the April 3 episode, Tinsley got into a discussion about her relationship with Bethenny Frankel, Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, and Luann de Lesseps. Even though the ladies asked Tinsley some questions she felt uncomfortable answering, the conversation couldn't have gone any better. No one was shading her relationship. The ladies didn't judge Tinsley for her decisions. Instead, they told her what she needed to hear in a nice way. This is very rare for Real Housewives of New York, but the scene was refreshing and heartwarming, for the most part, anyway.

The only part that was a little off was the suggestion that Tinsley should give Scott an ultimatum. No one should have to persuade someone to be in a relationship.

Specifically, Bethenny asked, "Would Scott bolt with an ultimatum? If you said 'Listen, I'm not by 2019 engaged, I'm a 43-year-old woman.' Would he bolt?" Tinsley explained that giving an ultimatum is not the best call.

Tinsley insisted to the women, "He pretty much knows where I am, OK?I'm not going to tell him my timeline." That's when Luann piped in with a sensible question: "What's wrong with being honest?" Bethenny agreed and told Tinsley, "It doesn't make you desperate."

Still, Tinsley, said, "Because I don't need to." There's nothing wrong with sharing your intended plans for your life, especially with someone you're in a long distance relationship with.

Even though Tinsley was visibly uncomfortable with the conversation topic, the ladies insisted that they were coming from a place of kindness. Ramona told Tinsley, "We are concerned about you. We care about you." Bethenny emphasized, "We have no dog in this fight."

Then the ladies brought up the most infamous relationship with RHONY history: Luann's short-lived marriage with Tom D'Agostino. Ramona explained, "We want to give you a reality check." And then Sonja alluded to Tom. She began, "That's a good point because when Luann was going through her relationship..." Bethenny completed her sentence and added, "she had blinders on."

Sonja said to Tinsley that the ladies were "just making sure you don't have blinders on. And then, believe it or not, Luann took zero issue with the Tom reference. She actually admitted that it was "rightly said."

Wow. Who would have thought that a group of Housewives could have a conversation about someone's personal life without shadiness, judgment, and arguing? They had a mature discussion with Tinsley's well-being in mind. And they all went out of their way to keep it positive. Aside from discussing Tinsley's love for Scott, the Housewives wanted to make sure that Tinsley had a strong love for herself. Bethenny poetically declared,

"You do say that you have body issues and we see that you're beautiful. We see that you look great in a bathing suit. You don't see that. We think you look great with no makeup." Instead of accepting Bethenny's genuine praise, Tinsley joked, "You haven't seen me." Bethenny told her, "I promise you. You're breaking my heart. Maybe you don't know how good, smart, and beautiful you are. Maybe you're accepting less than what you deserve."

Tinsley's friends aren't the only people who feel like Tinsley deserves to have the relationship that she wants. Plenty of viewers have tweeted similar sentiments recently.

At the end of the group's conversation during the episode, Luann declared, "I hope it turns out well for you" and they all cheered their glasses, sincerely, with zero sarcasm. Then, Bethenny lightened the mood when she advised, "You gotta love yourself. Listen to Justin Bieber." (That really is a good song.)

The great thing about Real Housewives of New York is that these women have known each other for decades. They fight dirty here and there, of course, but when it comes down to it they really do want what's best for each other.