Toll House Just Launched Easter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & It's A Pastel Dream

We might still be dealing with copious amounts of snow, but that’s not stopping the seasonal food release train from chugging along—and honestly, I can’t think of a better time to start looking at what we’ve got to look forward to in the spring. Case in point: Toll House is releasing Easter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough this year, packed not only with the semi-sweet chocolate chips we all know and love, but also adorned with the cutest little Easter egg accents you ever did see. When the view out your window is of a seemingly endless mountain of snow, a photo of pastel chocolate chip cookie dough presented in a cheerful yellow package comes as a joyful respite, indeed.

Best Products got word about two weeks ago that Toll House’s Easter edition dough will be hitting shelves soon. The news has only started spreading widely over the past few days, though, thanks to a cross-posting of Best Products’ piece over at Delish — but now that we know, we cannot un-know it. And folks are certainly excited about the new offering, because, I mean… well, just look at how pretty it is! Even people who aren't great with presentation (that would be me) will be able to bake this dough up into a treat that's as nice to look at as it is to eat.

At first glance, the Easter dough might not look too dissimilar from the Springtime Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Toll House has released annually for the past few years: Both make two dozen chocolate chip cookies, and both are studded with edible pastel accents. However, the Springtime variety’s little pastel bits are “morsels” and come only in yellow and pink. The Easter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough gets its color from egg-shaped sprinkles with a surprising level of detail on them — and there’s an additional shade, to boot: The sprinkles come in yellow, pink, and blue.

The Easter dough does currently have a page on Walmart’s website, although it doesn’t appear to be available to order yet. When it is finally buyable, it will likely run around $2.50 per pack; that’s the average cost of a package of Toll House’s refrigerated, ready-to-bake dough, as evinced by other items on Walmart’s website. other retailers, but keep your eyes peeled as spring approaches; you never know what you’ll spot, when, or where.

Toll House is no stranger to seasonal, limited edition cookie dough options, but in recent months, they’ve really been pulling out all the stops. There have been three — count ‘em — winter offerings to choose from in the colder months, with the decadent and chocolatey “Lumps of Coal” dough taking the prize for most creative; and now, we’ve got these delightful, Easter egg-inspired treats for the upcoming springtime season. I know, I know — it’s only January; spring is still months away. But the weather will start warming up before you know it, and when it does? We'll be ready.

Can’t wait for the Easter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to arrive? Good news: There’s already a different, bright and sunny option available. As Elite Daily points out, Toll House’s White Chip Lemon Cookie Dough has already returned. Availability does appear to be somewhat limited right now — you might not be able to find it everywhere at present, although according to the Daily Meal, the dough will become more readily available as Valentine’s Day nears — but it has been spotted on a few shelves; what’s more, you’ll have a few months to get your hands on it. It will remain in stores until roughly Easter, which occurs on April 21 this year.

The Walmart listing for Toll House Easter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough can be found here; you can also keep an eye on the Toll House page of Nestle’s Very Best Baking site for updates about the seasonal specialty here. Happy baking!