Tom & Abby’s Wedding Photos Will Make ‘Queer Eye’ Fans So Proud


Though it's been a few months since Tom's episode of Queer Eye dropped on Netflix, fans got to see an even happier ending for the straight guy when the alum reunited with his ex. Queer Eye's Tom and Abby got married and the photos from the private ceremony couldn't be sweeter. The couple has gone through some ups and downs, but viewers of the series are excited to see the love birds back together again.

On the Netflix reboot of Queer Eye, Tom was the first guy, also known on the show as the first "hero," to receive the help of the new Fab Five. Lifestyle gurus Antoni, Jonathan, Bobby, Karamo and Tan not only helped Tom spruce up his pad and sharpen up his sartorial choices, but also gave the Georgia resident a boost to his confidence. Tom told the Fab Five that he was ugly and "you can't fix ugly." He also admitted to the guys that he was still had feelings for his ex-wife Abby. "I love Abby more than anything, I want to spend the rest of my life with her," Tom told Antoni.

By the end of the episode Tom was holding hands with Abby and showing off his remodeled home, and that wasn't the end of their love story. In the months after the episode dropped, Tom has kept fans abreast of their relationship on Twitter, including a temporary breakup. He announced that the two were engaged in March, and in May they made it official (again) when they held a private ceremony in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

In pictures from the elopement wedding, the two lovebirds can be seen sharing kisses, lighting a unity candle, and smiling in the great outdoors. Abby wore a lilac purple wedding dress while Tom matched the color with his coordinating tie. According to Us Weekly, the black suit the groom wore to the wedding was tailored during his Queer Eye episode. The button down shirt he is wearing was a gift from the show's fashion expert, Tan.

In addition coordinating their clothing with that lovely shade of purple, they were also tied together through their floral choices: red roses and baby's breath. The bride carried a bouquet of the romantic flowers, while the groom wore a boutonnière with a single rose framed by the white flowers.

Though none of the Queer Eye guys were at the wedding, some of them have publicly congratulated the couple. Tan reacted to the news on Entertainment Tonight. He told the outlet that, "Watching Tom with Abby was the most beautiful thing." He added:

"You can tell how much he loves her. They've been married already and there's gotta be something there if he's so desperately wanting to marry her again. I couldn't be happier for him. He's one of the nicest men I've ever met in my life."

Bobby also had a message for the couple that he delivered on ET. "We couldn't be more happy," the design expert said. "Tom and Abby, congratulations. We love you."

Meanwhile, grooming expert Jonathan congratulated the couple over social media.

Tom and Abby's love story was a highlight for many fans of the reboot. With a second season in the works for the Fab Five, many people are hoping that the next batch of episodes includes more heartwarming stories about other heroes who are able to get that boost of confidence from the lifestyle experts. While Queer Eye is a makeover show, the hosts try their best to not just change the heroes superficially, but also help them feel better about themselves.

That new confidence seemed to help Tom, who by all reports appears to basking in the joy of reuniting with the love of his life.

Photos courtesy of CHAPEL AT THE PARK