Tom Hiddleston's Wax Figure Is Here & The Hiddlestoners Will Have A Lot To Say About It — PHOTO

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You've been waiting for it Hiddlestoners, and the day has finally come. Tom Hiddleston has his own wax figure. Madame Tussauds New York unveiled the actor's first-ever figure on March 7 as part of its newest attraction, the Kong: Skull Island Experience. This exhibit comes just in time for the release of Hiddleston's latest film of the same name, which hits theaters March 10. As such, the figure isn't just of Hiddleston the actor, but of his Kong character Captain James Conrad.

Visitors to the exhibit are invited to step into the exotic jungles of Skull Island with realistic bamboo and vines backdrops to get a glimpse of Captain Conrad. The figure is equipped to fight whatever creatures are lurking in the jungle with binoculars, holster, gun, and signature Hiddleston flair.

"I think it’s great that there’s a Kong: Skull Island experience at Madame Tussauds,” Hiddleston said, according to the exhibit press release. “The idea that I’m going to be part of that exhibition is remarkable, and not something I ever expected."

But, I've kept all you fans waiting long enough. I'm sure you're dying to see how the sculptors captured Hiddleston in wax. Here he is in all his glory.

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In addition to meeting Captain Conrad, visitors will also see an animatronic King Kong — the largest ever for Madame Tussauds — with realistic "facial movements, grunts, snorts, and roars." (If only the Hiddleston figure was also programmed to move and speak in flowery sentences filled with Shakespeare references.)

“I hope when people come face-to-face with Kong himself they get some sense of what it might be like," said Hiddleston in the press release. "Probably, a better sense than I had, because when I made the film, Kong wasn’t there; we had to imagine him. If people love the Kong character, they’ll love the Madame Tussauds head.”

And, fans of the actor will certainly have a lot to say about Hiddleston's figure itself, which has stiff competition in Hiddleston's own real life beauty.


You can check the wax figure out for yourself in the London and New York Madame Tussauds museums starting today. Just don't forget your camera — you'll want a selfie with him for sure.