Too Faced's Glitter Bomb Eyeshadow Changes The Glitter Game

Glitter makeup can be tricky to pull off whether or not you labor under the illusion that glitter is still chalky, chunky, and hard to work with (it's actually not!) Well, Too Faced's Glitter Bomb eyeshadow palette arrives on Jun. 15 and the palette is packed with bright colors in jewel tones and beyond. The colors will make eyes sparkle and pop this summer. There are pinks and purples, and there is both a black and a white base, which were created for intensifying (black) and brightening (white) your glitter eye look, be it totally smoked out or completely shimmery and sparkly.

Too Faced Glitterbomb Eyeshadow Collection, $45, Sephora

In this cute, '80s-like commercial that Too Faced co-founder and creative guru Jerrod Blandino and the brand both posted on their Instagrams, we see the Glitter Bomb shadows on actual eyelids. The palette eradicates the notion that glitter texture is not your friend and that it is limited.

Too Faced's formula is super modern. Chunky, hard-to-blend glitter is a thing of the past in favor of this silky, microfine, easy-to-apply formula. The shadows were also designed to look amaze in all lighting, from pro to your iPhone camera. For realz! Blandino always has the backs (and the lids!) of makeup obsessives.

Too Faced has also created Glitter Glue, which is basically a primer to help the shadow adhere to lids.

Too Faced Glitterbomb Eyeshadow Collection, $45, Sephora

The shadows can be worn wet or dry, too. My eyeshadow hack is this: Spritz your eyeshadow brushes with Urban Decay's Makeup Setting Sprays. You pick up more pigment and end up with less fallout.

This video details many of the ways in which you can wear the Glitter Bomb shadows.

Disco ball sparkle is in your future.

You can do glittery smoky eyes, since glitter shadows are totally viable as accent colors.

Too Faced Glitterbomb Eyeshadow Collection, $45, Sephora

Or you can stick with sparkle, sparkle, and more sparkle, for eyes that will glitter and flicker in even the darkest of clubs.