Too Faced's Mystery Gold Product Offers A Small Hint About What It Is

For Too Faced creative guru and co-founder Jerrod Blandino, gold is the new black. Blandino teased a new Too Faced gold product again, offering very little in the way of hints or details as to what it is. The only thing I can tell is that it looks to be some sort of liquid gold and appears to be a molten metallic, with gobs of glittery goodness.

Blandino's initial tease was a short Insta video, featuring a jar of thick, glitter-specked, golden liquid. His second and latest tease was a photo of a woman, drenched in a gleaming, gilded liquid. It was poured over her face, her hands, and her lips.

The tease doesn't offer any more elucidation about what feature it's for.

Could it be a liquid bronzer? A cream eyeshadow? A lip gloss? I don't know enough about makeup production or chemistry to surmise what it is, but those are my best educated guesses based on the visual.

Personally, I am thinking this mysterious Too Faced product could be a golden lip gloss, because the second teaser focuses on the lips and the model's hands are practically pointing to her mouth. My backup guess is that it's a liquid bronzer. But we don't know because Blandino isn't giving us anything else to go on in his signature "sneaky peek."

Behold the first tease.

I sorta want to dive right in. But this won't be upon us until Spring 2018, which means it could go on sale in late 2017.

This super bronzed shot is the second one that Blandino shared and Too Facers have theories. No one else thought lips like I did. But these are all fine speculations because we we have limited context clues.

An entire gilded collection? A "honey" collection to follow the peach range?

This isn't a far-fetched guess, either, since the brand is so known and loved for its palettes.

Whatever it is, the Too Faced faithful and I are stoked and want more info!