See Too Faced's Original Lipstick Lineup

An Instagram post can never be "just an Instagram post," especially when it lives on the feed of Too Faced guru Jerrod Blandino. He loves to tease products and share the brand's secrets, especially of upcoming items. Blandino posted a clip of Too Faced's original lipsticks, which launched the brand back in 1998. There were eight lippies involved in the brand's debut, but one, a metallic silver named "Bionic," is missing in this clip.

Yes, it's a cute look back and a way for current fans to get acquainted with the girly-yet-naughty brand's history and past. However, Too Faced fans have some theories about exactly why Blandino posted these lippies and it's not because he wanted to overdose on nostalgia or to show how far the brand has come with packaging and products.

Instead, fans are speculating (and hoping!) that perhaps the brand will resurrect these shades for its 20th anniversary in 2018. That's a distinct possibility. Remember, Urban Decay has brought back vintage shades to the delight of fans.

Let's have a look at the seven lippies that helped launch a beloved, behemoth beauty brand, shall we? You get pale pink, brick brown, shimmery champagne, deep blue, glittery purple, shiny copper, and berry.

As on commenter noted, these are still on trend now.

Oooh! Which is your favorite?!

Wow, has it really been 19 years since Too Faced descended upon the makeup world? Happy early anniv, Jerrod and co.

They. Are. Awesome. Metallic is so, so in in 2017. Clearly, it was so, so in in 1998, too.

Look how different the packaging is! Too Faced is known for super feminine packaging these days, with lots of pink and hearts.

The fan reactions are intense, to say the least. Too Facers want Blandino to bring these back from the brand's anniversary. All of their points are valid, too.

Mr. Blandino, are you paying attention? Your fans want a capsule collection or for you to bring back vintage items.

Here's a rad suggestion! Too Faced liquid lippies are fire.

I think the legion of Too Faced loyalists has spoken. Perhaps they picked up what Blandino was putting down. Or maybe they were just wishfully thinking and hoping they could "will" the brand to bring back the classics.

Time will tell! Even if this was simply a walk down memory lane, it was a legit stroll.

Blandino and his brand have become legendary!

Image: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (2)