Touch of Glam's Duo-Chrome Shadow Looks Like A Literal Sunset In One Shade

Now that summer is right around the corner, it's time to bring out the short-shorts, the pizza-shaped pool floaties, and the snow cones in celebration. And as we dig out the summer dresses and Teva sandals from storage, we will also get a craving to update our makeup — and that's where Touch of Glam Beauty's duo-chrome sunset shadow comes in.

Earlier last month makeup brands started to roll back their moody plum colors in lieu of palettes that looked more like the sunset and had hues worthy of any cabana. Case in point: Urban Decay just released a Lightbeam palette that is meant to be a portable sunset for your eyes. Focusing on creating a gilded glow, the palette has five distinct colors that move through a light brown nude to a gold-flecked peach to a burnt red with a green shimmer. But if you wanted to get a sunset glow on your eyes with this palette, you would have to blend and buff it on by layering different shades. That's why Touch of Glam's shadow is so different.

It's just one color, but it literally shifts from a metallic red to a golden orange as you move your head from side to side. It's duo-chrome at its finest.

Touch of Glam Beauty is an indie brand that is both vegan and cruelty free, as well as talc and paraben free. Handmade in Los Angeles by Amy, each product that gets shipped to you is freshly made in her studio, using only the most high quality ingredients.

She has a penchant for making foiled and duo-chrome shadows, as well as intense highlighters. If you crave color and deep pigmentation, then this is the brand of your dreams. While Touch of Glam has plenty of different color-shifting shadows, this particular one really leaped out thanks to how closely it resembles a sunset.

Called "Love Me, Love Me Not," it's a new color in an upcoming collection, so it hasn't dropped yet. She hasn't announced the exact date of the launch yet (other than that it will be coming out this month,) but if the comment section underneath the photo is any indication, people are already hyped for it.

"We don't deserve this amount of beauty," one follower wrote. "It's like a sunset x 1000 😍 I'm in love," another posted. "Oh my god. This is everything I have ever wanted in a shade," one more follower agreed.

If you're already imagining all the Golden Hour inspired looks you can make with this shadow, hold tight. There are plenty of other pans that the brand sells that can tide you over until it's available for purchase — and, bonus, they're super affordable. Check them out below.

If you love how playful and experimental these colors are, definitely hop over to the label's Etsy and take a look around. That sunset color would be a welcome addition to any makeup drawer.