Trader Joe's Just Dropped New Holiday Desserts & I Took Pics Of Them All

Emma Lord/Bustle

Good day, friends. It's that time again, and by "that time" I mean time for me to make a public spectacle of myself by moseying up and down the aisles of my local Trader Joe's with an iPhone, taking pictures of all the delicious things I see. And boy howdy, was it worth it on this day, because Trader Joe's holiday desserts for 2018 have started trickling onto shelves, and so far look like they're going to make for one of the chain's most delicious seasons yet.

I'll put the same caveat in this post that I did on my roundup of Trader Joe's pumpkin products earlier in the year — this is by no means an exhaustive list of what Trader Joe's will offer holiday-wise, both because it's still pretty early in the season, and also because I am too scared of my fellow New Yorkers to linger in the aisle of a Trader Joe's long enough to notice all of the new things on display. That being said, I did manage to get some pics of a few tantalizing offerings that have already hit shelves — so far it skews more towards cookies and chocolate, but odds are the baked goods section will be seeing old favorites soon, too.

Lebkuchen Cookies

Emma Lord/Bustle

Trader Joe's now has these puppies in chocolate-covered and original form; the Lebkuchen Cookies, a soft gingerbread cookies, are a traditional holiday cookie in Germany. You can find these above the freezer/refrigerated aisle.

Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Cremes

Emma Lord/Bustle

Imagine Junior Mints, but larger, more grown-up, and covered in crushed candy cane, and you have these luscious Peppermint Cremes. Crush some in your ice cream if you want the realest pro-tip you'll ever get.

Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Joe-Joe's

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Honestly, it's cute that any cookie even tries to stay relevant during the holiday season when these majestic beasts exist; although Oreo can try to play the game with its new Peppermint Bark Oreos this year, we all know that the OG came from Joe. Thankfully, it seems to be making a triumphant return to shelves.

Multi-Flavor Joe-Joe's

Emma Lord/Bustle

The words "chocolate enrobed" just lit an extremely specific fire in my soul that only these four cookies have the ability to put out.

Advent Calendars

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Trader Joe's is also bringing back its chocolate advent calendars in a whole selection of fun holiday prints; no word yet on when the advent calendar for dogs drops, but in the meantime, this doggo on an advent calendar should suffice.

Cranberry Pie

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My tastebuds may actually be weeping. Trader Joe's pie game is notoriously strong, and they will likely be rolling out a ton more seasonal options soon, but this is truly a shining star — and perfect for your holiday Friendsgiving prep.

Gingerbread Molasses Cookie Dough

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Now all you have to do is roll out the dough, cut it into the shape of your celebrity crush, bake it in the oven, and then feel a bevy of mixed emotions about eating it! Thanks, Trader Joe's!

Anyway, this is merely the beginning of what is coming to stores in 2018, but this ought to tide you over in the meantime. Keep your eyes peeled and your tastebuds primed, y'all. The season of eating is upon us at last.