These Beauty Tutorials Are Choreographed To Trap Music & They're Lit AF

by Summer Arlexis

If you're familiar with beauty tutorials, then you know the recipe for a typical video. It begins with a "Hey guys, welcome to my channel" and ends with the same head tilted, lips pursed pose for the camera. For beauty vlogger Chelsie Worthy, whose "Traptorials" are going viral, a solid makeup lesson is just as much about a few special effects, dance moves, and the hypest background music ever as it is the right products and instructions.

Worthy, a.k.a @wvrthy, doesn't film regular schmegular tutorials for her 132,000 followers on Instagram. The beauty guru beats her face on camera à la the traditional tutorial, but you'll find yourself bobbing your head as you follow along. Mixing trap music into her beauty routine, Worthy raps and dances as graphics of the products she uses fly across the screen on beat. It's far from the generic tutorial, setting her videos apart from the sea of other how-tos that seem to follow the same dull formula.

She posted the first of what she calls "Traptorials" on Nov. 13, and her clips have been a hit ever since. The transitions are so on point, the music is even better, and her final makeup look will always leave you speechless.

Trap hit "Rap Saved Me" by 21 Savage, Offset, and Metro Boomin accompanied her first of many Traptorials. As the bass hits, Worthy does wonders with drugstore products like Maybelline's Fit Me foundation, Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder, and L.A. Girl Pro Concealer. So, she's clearly the queen of onscreen graphics and affordable beauty.

Just in case you're too caught up in the vibes to notice what she's layering on her face — because you'll likely be hitting your dab and Milly rocking along with her — she always includes full product deets in her captions.

The Connecticut-based influencer has clearly found her calling because the "Traptorial Chronicles Part Two" was just as lit as the first video in the series, featuring a Chris Brown, Future, and Young Thug mashup. You'll notice that women of color friendly makeup like Juvia's Place eyeshadow palettes and Black Radiance contouring products are her go-tos, so the makeup maven is a great source of inspiration for beauties with deep skin.

If not the catchy tunes or special effects, Worthy's side profile will surely catch your attention. The guru always has a next-level glow courtesy of her own illuminating powder. That's right, her very own product.

The slayer of Traptorials has her own makeup company, whose melanin-friendly highlighters are absolutely stunning. As you'd expect, the blinding Stardust Illuminating Powders you'll notice Worthy dusting onto her facade in every tutorial are sold out for now. When your glow is just that popping, it only makes sense.

If you're itching to see some different content from the glowing goddess, Worthy's YouTube channel offers more how-tos worth watching. Just prepare to be blinded by her striking facade. Girlfriend, can seriously work some black girl magic with bronze-y shadows and golden highlighters.

For now, the wait is on until Worthy uploads another installment in her Traptorials series, not that you could ever get tired of watching her current videos. Seriously, it's hard not to keep them on repeat.

With so many influencers churning out the same old, same old, it's refreshing to see someone switching things up in such an entertaining and truly creative way.