Travis Scott's "Snapchat" About Kylie Jenner Being In Labor Isn't What It Seems

by Lia Beck
Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're a fan of the Kardashian-Jenners or anything celeb baby news, there's a good chance you've already heard the rumors that Kylie Jenner is in labor as of Friday afternoon. And if you looked into those rumors at all, you may have seen a Snapchat from Travis Scott seemingly about Kylie Jenner being in labor — the key word being seemingly. (Bustle reached out to reps for Jenner regarding the rumors about her being in labor, but did not receive a response.)

UPDATE: Around 6:30 p.m. EST, TMZ shut down rumors that Kylie is currently in the hospital going into labor. The site cited "multiple sources close to Kylie and Travis Scott." In fact, TMZ claims she's not even due this month.

EARLIER: After rumors began circulating on Twitter that Jenner was at the hospital and in labor, some users started posting an image appearing to be a screenshot from Scott's Snapchat as proof that Jenner was indeed having a baby. The Snapchat shows an image of the inside of an airplane with the caption, "Make it home to ya one way or another." The information at the top of the snap shows Scott's screename, "scottxx" and says that it was posted one hour ago.

The problem is, that while the snap was posted one hour ago from the time the screenshot was originally taken, the screenshot was originally taken at least two and a half weeks ago. Another Twitter user posted the screenshot on Dec. 26 with the caption, "Is Kylie Jenner in labor?? Travis Scott’s Snapchat." At that point, this Twitter user thought that he was already hinting about Jenner being in labor, which means that the image circulating now is old.

Another piece of evidence that the snap is old? Travis Scott's Snapchat. A look at the app shows that the rapper hasn't posted on Snapchat in the last 24 hours. Additionally, he hasn't posted an Instagram in three days and hasn't posted on Twitter in three days either.

Scott keeps his private life very private, so it would be out of character for him to post anything on social media about Jenner being in labor anyway. In a recent interview with Billboard, the 25-year-old was asked about the reports that he's having a baby with Jenner — which have never been confirmed by either of them — and responded, "I don’t want to talk about that. They’re just guesses. Let them keep fishing."

Reports that Jenner and Scott were expecting a baby surfaced in September. In the time since, many more reports have come out about the couple, including that Jenner is due in February and that they are expecting a baby girl. But, aside from Scott's comment to Billboard, he and Jenner have said nothing. And Jenner's family isn't confirming anything either. While a few of her family members have been asked about the pregnancy, they've all made it clear that any news would be Jenner's to confirm or deny herself.

If Jenner is having a baby, then her son or daughter will just be one more new addition to the Kardashian-Jenner family. Jenner's older sister Khloé Kardashian announced she was expecting a baby with boyfriend Tristan Thompson in December and recently revealed that she was six months along. And on top of that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting a baby girl via a surrogate. That's a lot of new family members around the same time, which is no doubt exciting for Grandma — or rather, Lovey Kris Jenner.

Even if Jenner is in labor, since she and Scott have kept quiet so far, it's unlikely that they'll be saying anything about having a baby anytime soon. While Jenner has grown up in the public eye on her family's reality show, it could be that having a child is a part of her life she just wants to keep private.