Tweets About Dua Lipa's New Album Prove It's The Quarantine Soundtrack We Need

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Right now, everything is stressful and uncertain — so why not throw on Dua Lipa's new album and dance your troubles away for an hour? The British pop star released her sophomore album on Friday, March 27, and it will definitely make your stress melt away. In fact, these tweets about Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia prove its the quarantine soundtrack we need right now.

The disco-inflected album reflects both Lipa's love of the music she grew up on and her desire to assert herself as a confident woman — after all, she declares herself to be a "female alpha" on the title track — and in an interview with Apple Music, she said it was a conscious departure from the songs that made her famous.

"People always talk about how scary the second record is," Lipa told the streaming service. "But for me, it’s more scary to go back into the studio and try to create something like 'New Rules' over and over again," she continued. Instead, Lipa turned to music from the '70s, '80s and '90s to find a brand new sound that was totally different than fans expected from her.

While Lipa couldn't have known that she would release Future Nostalgia in the middle of a pandemic (although she did drop the record early after it was leaked online), the album seems to be exactly what fans need to hear right now. After all, as she sings in "Break My Heart," we all should stay at home right now — so people might as well make a party out of it.

Future Nostalgia Will Save The World

A great pop album is always an important contribution to the culture, but right now, people really need something upbeat to dance to.

Dua Lipa Is The New Queen Of Quarantine

All hail Dua Lipa, who gave everyone the gift of upbeat pop music when the world needed it most. May Future Nostalgia always be remembered as the soundtrack of social distancing.

Fans Are Truly In Awe

Add this singer to the list of people who are doing life-saving work during this terrifying time.

President Dua Lipa

Future Nostalgia is saving lives, people.

Coronavirus Dance Party Perfection

It's not a true one-person dance party until the neighbors start complaining. Those are just the rules.

RIP Your Zoom Meetings

Going forward, all company meetings held on Zoom should just be an opportunity for people to dance to "Physical" with their colleagues.

Future Nostalgia Is The Soundtrack To Your Chores

If self-isolation is starting to get to you, try doing your normal housework in time to some of Future Nostalgia's most upbeat tracks. You'll get everything done a lot quicker — and you'll be able to get some good cardio in along the way.

The Soundtrack To Your Quarantine Life

Look, people need something to look forward to right now. If that happens to be a shower soundtracked to Dua Lipa, who are we to judge them?

Future Nostalgia Is Perfect For Noise Wars With The Neighbors

They'll probably be too busy grooving in their own apartments to even be mad about the volume at which "Levitating" is being blasted from your speakers.

"Break Your Heart" Is Dua Lipa's Quarantine Anthem

Any time you want to go outside, just remember the chorus to "Break Your Heart," and stay at home. Right now, we're all doing better alone.

Dua Lipa, Quarantine Queen

Dua Lipa is making social distancing fun, one catchy pop song at a time.

Future Nostalgia Is The Album Of Quarantine Season

The 2021 Grammy Awards better have a special category for the music that got everyone through self-isolation.

With an insanely catchy sound, feminist lyrics and a track list full of bangers, it's no wonder people have already declared Future Nostalgia to be the defining album of the coronavirus crisis.

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