Fans React To Nick Viall's Latest 'DWTS' Dance

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Monday night's Dancing With the Stars was all about boy bands and girl groups, so, of course, we got a shirtless Nick Viall channeling an early 2000's boy bander to entertain us. Weirdly enough considering his track record on this show, the shirt only came off during the guys' group dance at the end, but I guess it makes sense because Nick and his partner Peta Murgatroyd danced to "Fun Fun Fun" by the Beach Boys, which doesn't scream "shirtless." No matter how things ended up going down, though, as per usual fans tweeted a lot about Nick's Week 6 performance on Dancing With the Stars.

And, of course, just like with anything else involving Nick, there was a mixed bag of opinions. There are the diehard Bachelor fans who are continuing to go out of their way to support Nick and Peta. There are some people who are more objective and applaud Nick for making strides and improving his moves. Then there are a lot of people wondering why Nick is still there.

There are actually a couple other contestants on Nick's level of dance expertise who are still in the competition, like like Bonner Bolton and David Ross. Nick is just an easy target for angry Twitter users, especially since experienced dancer Heather Morris and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy got the boot after they received a perfect score.

Nick got a mix of love, hate, and everything in between after his Beach Boys dance. Check it out.

1. He Was More Relaxed This Week

Nick is making progress week after week. Even his haters have to admit that he is a lot more comfortable on the dance floor.

2. He Got More Votes Than Heather!?

Wait. What?

3. He Killed The Carlton

I know nothing about ballroom dancing, but Nick had fun doing the Carlton and I enjoyed it.

4. He Needs To Go Home

Not everyone is #TeamBabyGotBach.

5. He Did A Good Job

Members of the fandom were feeling his performance.

6. He Is Not Coming Through With The Song Choices

He should have gone with a '90s song.

7. He & Peta Got Ripped Off

It always seems like the judges go harder on Nick than the other contestants.

8. He & The Other Guys (Aside From Rashad) Need To Go

Fair enough.

9. He Is Fun To Watch

Nick isn't a professional, but at least he's having fun. Isn't that the point of this show?

10. He Is Not The Best

Not everyone can be a Justin Timberlake or Nick Carter.

11. He Was Underscored


12. He Is Too Hard On Himself

Am I the only one who wanted to hug Nick after he referred to himself as a "reality TV reject"?

13. He Is In Danger Of Going Home

Those scores were not reassuring.

14. He Is Improving

He really is getting better each week.

15. He Is Partnered With Peta — Not Vanessa

Apparently the constant Bachelor reminders are wearing thin on some viewers.

16. He Is Better Than Bonner

Nick is not the worst one there. He's not the best, but he's definitely not the worst.

17. He Complains Too Much

It's not that bad to be Nick Viall.

I would be scared to scroll through Twitter on Monday nights if I were Nick, but then again I'm sure that's nothing new for him. Thankfully, it seems like he's getting support on top of the criticism. It will be interesting to see how much longer he lasts in this competition.