Tweets About Nick's Week 4 'Dancing With The Stars' Performance Show There Were Mixed Feelings About That Kiss

ABC/Eric McCandless

Everyone in Bachelor Nation made a million jokes about Nick Viall being on his fifth reality TV season when he announced that he was joining Dancing With the Stars. But even though he's been on our TVs for so long, Nick is just as polarizing as ever and people have a lot to say about each of his performances. The tweets about Nick Viall's performance on Week 4 of Dancing With the Stars are all over the place.

From the die-hard fans who have continued to remain loyal to the most recent Bachelor star to the haters who clearly watch just to make fun of him to the people who are pleasantly surprised by his skills, there are so many varying opinions. Plus, Monday night's theme was "Most Memorable Year", so of course Nick chose 2016 since it was the year he met and got engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi. I mean, how could he not pick that when she's been in the audience at every show and the number one supporter of Team Baby Got Bach?

Not only that, but Vanessa went from Nick's top groupie to making a cameo appearance of her own in the dance. A shirtless Nick sauntered over to Vanessa, picked her up, spun her around, and then they made out at the end of the performance.

Some people were really living for the steamy moment and others categorized it as awkward. These are just some of the thoughts that people tweeted in response to Nick and Peta Murgatroyd's latest performance.

1. It Was The Perfect Combo Of Bachelor & DWTS

Peta did a great job planning that one out. From the multiple ladies in the beginning to Vanessa getting the win at the end, it was just the perfect incorporation of The Bachelor "journey" into the routine.

2. It Was Awkward

Nick is not a professional dancer. Vanessa is not a professional dancer. I get that they are on this show to entertain us, but they really don't know what they're doing. Clearly, I'm in the minority here, but I found the awkwardness to be endearing.

3. It Was Sexual

When a Bachelor producer is tweeting about the dance being a representation of the fantasy suite, I cannot help laughing. If I could insert some flame emojis here, I would.

4. It Was A Really Long Kiss

I get it. They had to kiss at the end, but they probably should have cut it off way sooner than they did.

5. It Was Everything

There were plenty of people who loved the performance.

6. It Wasn't Enough To Keep Nick Around

At this point in the game, that might not be enough to keep Nick and Peta on the show.

7. It Was... Shirtless

All of those Instagram posts of Nick at the gym have made the transition to TV.

8. It Was Way Too Much Effort To "Sell" This Couple

Maybe less is more for some fans?

9. It Was Peta Who Deserves The Credit Here

From the choreography to the clear storytelling to her moves, Peta really carried this dance. Then again, she is the professional dancer, so that was pretty much expected.

10. It Was Getting To Be A Little Much With The PDA

Nick and Vanessa are dating. We get it.

11. It Was A Definite Improvement

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Nick is definitely getting better.

12. It Was Underrated

Nick and Peta were robbed. They definitely deserved a higher score than that.

13. It Was A Great Dance

It really was good. All three of them killed it.

14. It Deserved All The Votes

Let's go Team Baby Got Bach! Vote! Vote! Vote!

Just like Nick's performance in reality TV dating, the dancing got mixed reviews. Still, it seems like everyone is hoping hat he sticks around for another week. Whether people want to root for him or they want a source of humor, Nick is here to provide.