The New 'Bachelor In Paradise' Trailer Is As Over-The-Top As You'd Expect

by Danielle Jackson

Paradise is almost here, Bachelor Nation. A brand new Bachelor in Paradise teaser trailer was released on social media on Friday. And don't worry, this one isn't disappointing like the last, since it actually shows footage of the reality series' official cast and focuses on the show itself. Despite the controversy that hindered production earlier this summer, the new season looks like it's bound to be just as dramatic and over-the-top as usual.

A few weeks ago, ABC released an earlier teaser for the Bachelor spin-off series and not everyone was a fan. The footage in the 30-second clip wasn't exactly what people were expecting to see after a few weeks of not even knowing if it was happening. The clip showed less (read: none) of the cast featured in the upcoming season and more lighthearted (and slightly inappropriate) humor regarding the drama that caused production of the show to temporarily be shut down earlier this summer. While ultimately no wrongdoing was found on set, it still was a situation involving sexual assault allegations, which is never something to be taken lightly.

At least the new teaser focuses on the season at hand, instead of hyping up the controversial drama. On its own, Season 4 looks like it's going to be a wild ride, and you also get to see some potential romances. One very brief moment shows two lovebirds making out underneath a cloud of confetti and, while it's difficult to make out who the contestants are, one half of the couple appears to be Dean Unglert, who was recently announced as the show's newest cast member after his devastating elimination from The Bachelorette.

But don't expect the new season to be all fun and games, because the teaser shows just as many tears as it does sweet romances.

This BiP teaser is definitely a step up from the last one, as it was much more appropriate and less uncomfortable to watch. Hopefully ABC heard fans' concerns, and the new season won't try and overdramatize the controversy, and instead, focuses on the contestants as they take another shot at love.