Everyone's In Love With This New 'BiP' Bartender

Paul Hebert/ABC

Every season of Bachelor In Paradise and The Bachelor has its fan favorites, but who would have thought that The Bachelor Winter Games — for all intents and purposes, a throwaway program to correspond with a droll Olympics — would spawn one of the franchise's most popular characters? Yuki is back on Bachelor In Paradise, and fans are happier than ever.

Yuki got her start in Bachelor Nation on the Japanese version of The Bachelor, and though she didn't win there, she did win big in America. That's where she was on The Bachelor Winter Games, and though she didn't speak much English, she managed to communicate enough to make the house fall in love her and the way she made her eggs in the morning — she added a little bit of sugar, and though it sounds like it doesn't make sense, somehow, it works. Just like the entire Bachelor franchise, you know?

Yuki ultimately didn't find love on The Bachelor Winter Games, and she's not on Bachelor in Paradise to find a husband, either. She's there to lend bartending support to Wells Adams, who probably cannot keep up with the amount of alcohol he needs to provide to the contestants. It's only fair he gets a little help. Fans were happy to see that Yuki was back on the show — Twitter was awash with excited chatter.

Some Were Excited About Wells And Yuki Behind The Bar

The new Bachelor dream team.

Others Were Just Happy To See Her Again

Yuki can really do no wrong.

One Called For A New Recipe From The Star

Again, who would have thought that sugar in eggs worked?

And Some Called For Yuki To Have Her Own Show

10/10 would watch.

What I love about Yuki is that there's so much more to her that we don't know because of the language barrier. She didn't speak much English on The Bachelor Winter Games (which the show sometimes used to comedic effect, which is disgusting), but she managed to get her point across. But in an interview with The Japan Times, Yuki expanded on her reasons for going on The Bachelor in the first place, saying, “Up until [her season of The Bachelor], I’d never been with a good man, they would all get arrested. I thought that the only way I’d be able to meet the right man — one who wouldn’t get arrested — was to join the show.” I mean, damn! Who was this woman going out with?

The process didn't work for Yuki, but she does have some good advice for any new contestants. “Girls, go into it with everything you’ve got. The pain of being sent home is honestly all too real, so make sure you don’t have any regrets,” she told The Japan Times. “Do everything you have to do and say everything you have to say. Don’t shy away — be open from the start and let your heart fall in love.”

Ugh, another reason to love her. Bachelor in Paradise is lucky to have Yuki behind the bar.