Kylie's New Merch Has Fans Stoked

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

2017 has been a big year for Kylie Jenner so far, and it only seems to be getting bigger. She's already released a brand new collection for Kylie Cosmetics and on Valentine's Day, she releasing all new Kylie Merch in her online Kylie Shop. That means not only will fans have been able to shop new Kylie Cosmetics products but come Valentine's Day, they'll also have been able to shop new Kylie merch. Jenner is definitely not letting her fans down, and they seem perfectly thrilled to have new hoodies, co-ords, and pins to shop in less than a week from now.

Jenner hasn't revealed everything that's to be added to the Kylie Shop but she has given fans a ton of sneak peeks. From new colors of the popular Kylie Cosmetics bomber to tee shirts with mom Kris Jenner on them, there's a lot to go around during this launch, and it's already gotten fans stoked for the release. While new products are what's drawing fans to the merch — and that's great —, it doesn't hurt that Jenner has also had the three superstars of Migos rock her merch on the Kylie Shop Instagram.

Basically, fans are in a frenzy right now over the new Kylie merch, and it only takes a quick glance at Twitter to see just how stoked they are.

1. Is Kylie The New Kim?

It may be true.

2. The Merch Is Total Fire.

Maybe that's why some of it has flames.

3. Kris Jenner May Be The Best Part.

I'm sensing a sell-out of these tees.

4. It's An Exciting Time To Be Alive.

Kourtney is all Kylie fans right now.

5. Who Doesn't Want To Live The Kardashian & Jenner Life?

I will take two of everything. Thank you.

6. She's Pulling Those Power Moves.

It's too cool for me to even understand how cool it is.

7. Take My Money, Kylie.

Take my money. I don't need it to pay rent of anything. Whatever. It's fine.

8. It's All A Waiting Game.

How quickly can Valentine's Day get here?

9. Put Your Requests In Now.

One of those is mine. Thank you very much.

10. It's Coming Soon.

Don't worry too much, fans. The new Kylie merch is coming super soon, and there is a way to get early access to the Kylie Shop. Until Valentine's Day, though, let's all just prioritize our purchases before the inevitable sell-out.