Migos Modeled Kylie's New Collection And It's Fire

With The Kylie Shop's new collection launching on Valentine's Day, Kylie Jenner has been actively promoting her new products. One way she's doing it? By having hip hop sensation Migos model pieces from The Kylie Shop and sharing them on Instagram. Because how else do millennials advertise anything?

If you're not familiar with Migos, they are the group behind the current hit "Bad & Boujee," and Jenner actually teased her new Kylie Shop collection at a Migos listening party on Snapchat, when the members of Migos wore her designs. The Snapchat preview was very brief but people got very excited about her collection. If Migos thought it was cool enough to wear, then obviously the rest of the world would agree.

So naturally, the next step in Kylie's marketing process is to feature Migos in her Instagram promos for the Kylie Shop collection, which goes on sale (and presumably sells out) on Feb. 14 aka Valentine's Day.

In the promos, Migos members modeled The Kylie Shop's flame sweatshirt with coordinating flame sweatpants, a denim jacket that says "hidden hills" and a camouflage bag that says "hidden hills," which is the name of Kylie's neighborhood. I'm not totally sure why Kylie is promoting her neighborhood on her products, but hey, we use to wear Abercrombie shirts with fake restaurants and ski slopes on them, so who am I to judge?

Those flame sweatpants are pretty cool though.

I'm sure that these flame hoodies will sell out immediately.

So mark your calendar for Feb. 14 because you're going to want to buy The Kylie Shop's new collection ASAP.

Images: The Kylie Shop/Instagram (4)