Twitter Reactions To Lisa Frank X Glamour Dolls Prove Unicorn-Inspired Makeup Is A Must — PHOTOS


When I hear the words “Lisa Frank,” my mind is instantly cluttered with visions of rainbows, unicorns, bright pink and cheetah spots. And honestly, I’d like to believe that Lisa Frank would have it no other way. The brand is known for it’s super fun prints and patterns, so now that they’ve decided to bring that aspect to makeup, well, it’s taken to a whole new, grown up level. These Twitter reactions to Lisa Frank X Glamour Dolls proves that in a lot of ways, most of us will never outgrow the ‘90s. Really, why would we want to?

The child in your is likely screaming with excitement at the thought of getting to add unicorn and rainbow-inspired products into your makeup routine, and I can’t say I blame you for being hyped. Glamour Dolls Co-Founder Jessica Romano confirmed to Bustle that Lisa Frank is teaming up with the Glamour Dolls cosmetics company to bring you out of this world beauty items.

Their plan is to create highlighter, eye liner, lip gloss and more, all based on your favorite ‘90s brand. They’ve already exceeded their goal of $30,000 on Kickstarter, so you should expect to see these products brought to life very soon! When you back them on Kickstarter, you’ll be among the first to receive the Lisa Frank X Glamour Dolls collab, so what are you waiting for? Use that hard-earned money to treat yourself and your inner ‘90s spirit.

Glamour Dolls Makeup on YouTube

Here are all of the details about this incredible collab.

Courtesy Glamour Dolls

Angled Blush Brush, $4.99, Glamour Dolls

And, if you just can't wait to get your hands on this collection, you can go ahead and claim a piece of it now. This angled blush brush is available for pre-order on the Glamour Dolls website.

1. Join The Party

Don't miss your chance to get in on this action.

2. Done And Done

People are pre-ordering these brushes left and right, and for good reason. I mean, how often do you get to paint your face with a pink-tipped Lisa Frank brush, you know?

3. Unleash It

Let that seven-year-old self out, girl!

4. Bout That Life

Glamour Dolls is where it's at! They have everything from Donut Lip Gloss to Mermaid Lashes Mascara. What more could you need in life?

5. Unicorn Tears

Yes, indeed. Actual unicorn tears are being shed in Lisa Frank's honor.

6. Math Binder Makeup

Some people may no be into the idea of math binder makeup, but I'm totally here for it.

7. Don't Let Her Down

You owe it to your youth.

8. Not A Drill

This is not a drill, people.

9. Worth It

It's worth any amount of money, honestly.

10. What A Time To Be Alive


11. Best Makeup

Every person alive needs to get their hands on this makeup, if you ask me!

Support this project on Kickstarter to get Lisa Frank X Glamour Dolls beauty in your life, ASAP.