Twitter Can't Get Enough Of Morphe X Jaclyn Hill

by Augusta Statz

Don’t take your eyes off of Jaclyn Hill’s social media accounts for a minute, because you never know when she might reveal more information about her latest collab. She took to her Snapchat to show off a few sneak peek swatches of her Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette, and the fan Twitter reactions will show just how ready makeup lovers are to swipe these shades across their lids!

Hill did let fans in on exactly how many eye shadows the collection will contain. There are — wait for it — 35 different colors in the range. So, she’s definitely giving you plenty to love about this palette! She hasn’t shown off each of the hues just yet, but she’s revealed just enough to convince you to make a purchase as soon as this collab is available to shop.

People online can’t contain their excitement over these shadows, so if that’s any indication of how popular this palette will be come launch day, you better make sure you’re online the second the product drops. According to Hill’s Instagram, it’ll be up for grabs sometime in March. But,waiting around for these colors to go for sale is definitely going to be easier said than done.


You can't blame folks for wanting to add these shadows to their collections.


The metallic shades in the range are on-point.


There's just so much to love.


From bold colors to wearable neutrals, there's a little bit of everything present in this line-up.


Not to mention, they look incredible on the lid.

1. Need

Owning these are a necessity.

2. Giving Life

These swatches should give you enough life to make it to March.

3. Cue The Excitement

It's almost too much to handle.

4. Rewatching

You've got to stare at these shades as long as possible.

5. Countdown Is On

How many days until it's March?

6. Obsessed

People are obsessed, to say the least.

7. So Shook

Seriously, what are we supposed to do now.

8. Planning

Might as well get your purchasing strategy down while you've got all this time to kill.

9. So Many Questions

What do the other shades look like? What did we do to deserve this? There are just so many questions.

10. It's All Here

Everything you could ever need is all in this one palette.

11. Perfection

It just doesn't get better than this.