Twitter Can't Agree On The Color Of These Shoes & The Reactions Will Crack You Up

People are about to start rioting on the street, and it's all thanks to a pair of shoes. Much like #TheDress in 2015 that ended friendships and split apart households, Twitter is now debating its sneaker version, coming at us in the form of mint-and-gray or pink-and-white shoes. A few years back we were forced to question if half the population was experiencing a new form of color blindness when a lacy, body forming dress appeared blue and black to some people, and gold and white to others. Rather than coming to an agreement, society left it at a draw and we tried to put it behind us for the sake of peace.

But it appears we're plagued with phantom color palettes again, with these creepy Vans. It all started when one user posted up a dimly-lit photo of her sneakers, willingly throwing a match onto our society with one innocent question. Her caption read, 'The dress' situation all over again! I see mint green and grey. What colour do you see? #lbloggers."

And people were only too willing to weigh in to attempt to set the record straight. The Twitter reactions over the mint-and-gray or pink-and-white shoes are hilarious, undecided, and aggressive. It's like scrolling through a soap opera depicting a house divided, and it's super entertaining.

For example, there are the people that are dead sure they are firmly on the mint and gray side, but then after a second peek, no longer know what they believe in.

What can a person even be sure of anymore?

Other people smell a conspiracy theory and are questioning the validity of the mind trick. They theorize these aren't ambiguously-colored skater shoes, but a prank with an Instagram filter. Can the public handle such a betrayal?

Then there are those that point out it's not a real debate, but a case of poor lighting. The dimness changes the colors of the shoes, playing tricks on your eyes.

There is also a live partner dispute in the comment thread, giving us a behind the scenes peek at a house divided. One partner started the convo by chiming in first, saying:

Then the husband answered with something outlandish just to rile up the debate. (Or, who knows, maybe that really is what he sees:)

Another person decided to bring some facts to the table and did some research on the Vans website. If the green and grey shoe don't even exist, then there's no cause for debate, right?

Another user broke down just how that night's dinner convo is going to go when the shoe scandal is inevitably brought up over breadsticks.

Others are willing to lose followers over the whole ordeal. They're not here to play.

Some users are starting to question what reality even is anymore. They're ready to tailspin into an existential crisis. Which isn't even dramatic. How can we not agree on something as easy as colors?

A few people think this might all be a hype-up to a new Vans release next week. They refuse to be dupped by the gorilla marketing scheme.

Then there are a few users that are ready to throw shade at the opposing team. Tensions are running high ya'll.

The debate is only a few days old, so there aren't any definitive answers yet. In the meantime, start some of your own drama and hop over to Twitter to chime in with your own theories.