Unicorn Cosmetics Mermaid Brushes Are Coming Soon

I keep saying that the unicorn makeup trends needs to scoot over a little and to make more room for the mermaid beauty trend, which is also having quite a millennial moment. Lime Crime has a mermaid collection on deck, while ColourPop's Summer 2017 are so mermaid-like. There are lots of mermaid-inspired makeup brushes on the market, since their gorgeous, scaled tails translate to brush handles beautifully. But the Unicorn Lashes UK mermaid brushes — I know, don't get confused by a brand named Unicorn Lashes, which is now rebranding to Unicorn Cosmetics, that makes mermaid tools— are on a whole other level. Like next level.

The tails are epic and fanned out, with lots and lots of attention to detail. The prototype of the brush heads look angular, too. Like I can’t even. You have to see these. The brand has invited fans into the process and has consistently shared the journey with its Instagram followers, having posted previous prototypes of the brushes.

Based on their caption, it looks like they've reached the final design because the brand noted that it is looking for the right names with which to christen the brushes.

Go ahead and enjoy this makeup eye candy, which the brand keeps saying is due this summer!

The silhouette is just gorgeous. Will this be the final final? We shall see.

Here's a closer look at the detail and the process. Clearly, plenty of thought has gone into these tools.

I dig all of the color schemes and designs.

Have you seen the brand’s unicorn horn makeup brushes?

Lastly, here is the brand's post, confirming that it is indeed rebranding. Names aside, you need to be acquainted with this company and its killer tools of both the unicorn and mermaid variety.