Unicorn Ice Cream Tacos Are A Real Thing Now

by Megan Shepherd

Believe it or not, there are still some millennials on this earth who have not gotten on board with the unicorn food craze. Call it skepticism, being stuck in a rut, or possessing a complete and utter disregard for fun, but some folks have managed to fully avoid the uni-craze altogether. I’ve got bad news for these same old-same old scrooges though: If you thought the unicorn food trend was dying out, prepare to stand corrected. There’s a new centerpiece in the unicorn food catalog — and truth be told, it might just be the sparkly nail in the colorful coffin you need to give the trend a try. Thanks to a new ice cream shop on the west coast, unicorn ice cream tacos are officially a thing, and they're the very best way to taste the rainbow. It's like taking the very best of unicorn frappuccinos, unicorn bagels, unicorn toast, unicorn shakes, and unicorn cupcakes, combining them, and adding sprinkles! At press-time, rumor had it millennials everywhere were crying unicorn tears of joy.

The unicorn ice cream tacos hail from an ice cream shop in sunny Garden Grove, California called Sweet Cup, a treatery specializing in rolled ice cream. For those unfamiliar, rolled ice cream is also having a moment in the world of trendy food — thanks in large part to its funky shape.

Despite its tubular look, it's as good as classic ice cream — though Sweet Cup does a good job of switching things up with exciting, off-the-wall flavors. One such flavor is the Ube ice cream with Ube sauce — "Ube," if you're not familiar, is a common Filipino ingredient that has been taking the food world by storm for the past year.

The Rainbow Road taco is as uniquely unicorn as it gets at the ice cream shop, with Fruity Pebbles, rainbow rope candy, rolled unicorn ice cream, and sprinkles rounding out the dish. Of course, don’t be surprised if you morph into a unicorn yourself after a few bites.

Other tantalizing taco combinations include what looks like a strawberry shortcake number, complete with cheesecake bites and some kind of strawberry sauce, and s’mores concept with huge, pillowy marshmallows and a chocolate drizzle.

Can’t decide what to get? Take the street taco approach and order a few to sample. You know what they say: treat yo’self!

Sweet Cup’s tacos are in high demand, as they’re only available one day a week for "Taco Tuesdays." It’s worth the wait in line to munch on the newest dessert craze, but if you can’t make it on a Tuesday, you can swing by during the week and order the Rainbow Road unicorn treat in a sweet cup instead. Customers not into the unicorn or taco trend can still indulge at Sweet Cup, too: The shop sells their funky flavors in regular cups and cones.