Happy National Unicorn Day, Internet!

by Madeleine Aggeler

If you felt that there was an undeniable excitement in the air when you woke up on Sunday morning, good news: You're not crazy. Perhaps you knew something was different. Maybe colors seemed brighter, or your house smelled like cotton candy, or somewhere in the distance you could hear the cheerful clickety-clack of magical hooves. “Could it be…?” you maybe asked yourself, before seeing an undeniably silken, rainbow-colored tail whip around a corner in your home (OK, maybe this didn't happen exactly, but KEEP HOPE ALIVE). Well, on Sunday, it could, my friends. Because it just so happens to be the day we’ve all been waiting for — Sunday, Apr. 9 is National Unicorn Day.

“Who decides it’s National Unicorn Day?” you may be asking yourself. “Is there some sort of Unicorn Association? I bet Lisa Frank’s the president.” Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there is no official governing body of unicorns, and my applications to be Lisa Frank’s Unicorn Liaison Officer have been rejected multiple times because it’s “not a real position, and how did you get this number?”

Due presumably to the lack of a unicorn bureaucracy, there is little history about why the sparkliest day of the year falls when it does. According to the website, however, Apr. 9 was selected based on how many references there were to “National Unicorn Day” on that day across various social media platforms.

In any case, one should live everyday like it’s National Unicorn Day, and here are some of the sparkliest ways for you to celebrate.

Unicorn Eyeliner

Cat eyes are so last week (kidding, cat eyes are timeless and I will continue to commit a significant amount of time, money, and emotional energy to mastering them). But if you want to take it to the next level in honor of our beloved horned equines, check out the incredible trend of unicorn eyeliner that transforms the classic cat eye into a swirly, glittery unicorn horn.

Unicorn Hair Dye

For something a little more long-term than makeup, check out Lime Crime’s scrumptiously colored Unicorn Hair Dye. Their line of full-coverage and semi-permanent shades is entirely vegan and cruelty-free, and designed with no ammonia, peroxide, or bleach.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair, $16, Amazon

Unicorn Noodles

You are, as they say, what you eat. For the full unicorn transformation, try this beautiful unicorn noodle dish from food blogger A.J. of the Indigo Kitchen. Besides being delightfully ‘grammable, these noodles are also super healthy and easy to make: all you need are clear or white noodles, purple cabbage, and lime or lemon juice.

Unicorn Bath Bombs

So you’ve had a long day of unicorn-ing, and it’s time to relax. What better way to do so that to draw a bath and throw in one of Soap Cherie’s unicorn bath bombs? These glittery explosives are made of natural and organic ingredients, and include nourishing shea butter which is good for your skin. And, at $8, they’re a pretty affordable indulgence.

Bathbomb Unicorn, $8, Soap Cherie

Unicorn Macarons

You can’t celebrate National Unicorn Day without something sweet. Don’t worry, the Mac Lab Bakery has got you covered. Based in Duluth, Georgia, Mac Lab’s husband and wife team create adorable, sleepy unicorn macarons topped with sprinkles and filled with fruity pebbles. And they’re gluten-free!

Unicorn Candle

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. For those of you mourning the End of National Unicorn day, and the return to the garbage fire of reality, this Crying Unicorn Candle by Firebox is a cool way of letting people know you’re full of whimsy but also existential dread.

Crying Unicorn Candle, $27, Firebox