Upcoming Women's March Protests You Can Still Get Involved With To Resist Trump's Presidency

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While our new president has only been in the White House for two weeks, the country has already been bombarded with grim news update after grim news update. We're in the midst of a seemingly endless stomach-souring headline cycle that makes it hard to focus on anything else; that being said, upcoming Women's March protests and protests like them need your help now more than ever.

After a miserable campaign year and a seriously terrifying beginning to Trump's presidency, we're understandably tired. But with so many people struggling to keep their rights, sitting around idly doesn't feel like an option. There are just too many people whose lives and freedoms are in jeopardy for us to feel comfortable merely watching it on the news and keeping our distance, which is why protests and marches will continue to manifest around the country — to give us that opportunity to put our frustration into motion and use it to make some noise. If you missed out on the women's march or are looking for another opportunity to rally for the country, here are a few upcoming marches for women, and other protests to attend:

10 Actions, 100 Days

Head to the Women's March Global site to learn how you can get involved in ten different actions in a hundred days. There will be lots of opportunities for you to do your part.

Community Action Planning in New York

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On Feb. 4, join together with your Brooklyn community for an open discussion and family planning meeting. Combine your efforts, make arrangements to join forces and make a change. Get more details here.

Medicare March In Los Angeles

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On Feb. 4, you can rally in Los Angeles against Trump's intentions of repealing the Affordable Care Act. Check out more information here.

LGBTQ Solidarity In New York

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On Feb. 4, join together with the local LGBTQ community in New York at the Stonewall National Monument to show your support and help make progressive plans for the future. Check out more information here.

One Month Inauguration Rally In New York

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Once a month has passed, that's no reason to let things die down. Rally together and stir things back up outside Trump Tower on Feb. 20. Learn more about the rally here.

The March4Women In London

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On Mar. 5, International Women’s Day, there will be a huge rally for gender equality in London. Get all the details here.

A great way to stay up-to-date and in the know about local marches and rallies in your area is on Facebook. Make sure you're following the Women's March Global page and your local city's Get Organized page. Check back in regularly with their events page and sign up for updates — and in the meantime, check out RESISTABLE, which will let you know when there are protests going on in your area via newsletter.