Urban Decay Is Releasing A Brand New Naked Palette & The Theme Is SO Trendy

The beauty world has been in a period of mourning after Urban Decay announced that it was retiring one of its best-selling eyeshadow palettes, the original Naked palette. Consisting of 12 neutral shadows, it has sold over a billion dollars worth of palettes, turning the collection into an icon symbol. But there is happy news on the horizon: Urban Decay might be launching Naked Cherry, a new Naked palette full of "sweet and tart Cherry hued shades" full of berry pinks, warm peaches, and rich burgundies.

The news broke on social media on Aug. 28, where the Instagram beauty insider account @trendmood1 shared a snapshot of the palette, leaking its release. You can see pictures of the palette here, but Urban Decay has not released an official statement on the palette or its potential release.

True to its name, the palette consists of 12 shimmer and matte shadows that sample the red and pink color wheel. The case itself is a metallic burgundy, with a line of cherries splashed across the front that mimic the shadows that are found inside.

The hues themselves span from light to dark, and prove that the red-and-pink eyeshadow trend that swept the beauty world last year is nowhere near over.

Going off of the photo leaks, the palette begins with an off-white, satin highlight shade named "Hot Spot," followed by a beige hue dubbed "Caution." We then transition into the pink colors, where a light pink micro-sparkle shimmer called "Bang Bang" starts off the rose-colored array (and is meant to be used as a highlighter.)

"Feelz" is a matte pink brown, "Juicy" is a soft coral matte, and "Turn On" is a metallic light brown. That hue is followed by a deep copper metallic dubbed "Ambitious," which then transitions into a cherry matte called "Bling." To give the buyer more red options, there is a burgundy matte hue named "Devilish," and a shimmery Merlot version called "Young Love." The last two colors are smokey brown shades, where "Drunk Dial" is a shimmery chocolate brown and "Privacy" is a warm matte brown.

While Urban Decay has not yet confirmed anything about the palette, YouTuber Elle Tells went internet sleuthing and discovered that the palette is in fact currently available in Thailand, and because of it she was able to find photos of the packaging, interior, and swatches. In her tell-all video, she goes over all the details of the palette, including the names, color concepts, and what the back of the palette says.

She especially thought that the last line of the back packaging blurb was especially telling, reading it out loud for the camera: "With Cherry's fresh vibes, it feels like we're getting Naked again for the very first time."

Couple this with what Urban Decay's founder, Wende Zomnir, said mysteriously in a statement concerning the discontinuation of the original Naked palette, it seems like the Cherry collection was created to follow the event. Zomnir said, "I will forever miss Naked, but we plan to turn the grief into even more greatness. Urban Decay will continue to thrive in Naked's memory and honor — just wait and see."

Now all beauty lovers have to do is wait for the official statement, and they will have a whole new Naked palette on their hands.