Attention ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans: Tom Sandoval Had A Famous Co-Star In A Bon Jovi Music Video

John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Vanderpump Rules fans know him as a bartender-turned-entrepreneur, but in the early 2000's, Tom Sandoval appeared in a Bon Jovi video. Actually, in several Bon Jovi videos. The internet has unearthed the rock band's 2002 “Misunderstood” music video, which features Sandoval as a man who is caught cheating on his girlfriend with a woman played by Camila Alves (Matthew McConaughey's wife). Looks like the drama in Sandoval's world goes way back before his Vanderpump Rules days at SUR.

The video opens with Sandoval giving it his all, yelling, "Let me explain!" after getting caught in bed with another woman. The story then shows him recalling the events that led him to cheat, like getting knocked out unconscious after slipping and falling and then experiencing amnesia. In the background, Bon Jovi sings the lyrics,

"I was misunderstood
I stumbled like my words
Did the best I could
Damn, misunderstood."

Throughout the course of the video, Sandoval's character finds himself in all sorts of outlandish situations and it's clear that he took his leading role seriously. If viewers stick around, they'll even hear Sandoval deliver a short line of dialogue at the end.

Although the video is getting recent buzz on the internet, Sandoval actually reminisced on shooting it in a 2013 Bravo blog post.

In the post, Sandoval discussed the importance of being professional when working on a set environment. He explained:

"Before Camila even met Matthew McConaughey and became his wife, we shot a huge budget, Bon Jovi music video together ("Misunderstood") and she was topless on top of me for three hours. I did nothing but keep direct eye contact with her, in pure paranoia of being anything less than professional."

Sandoval's work with Bon Jovi extends beyond "Misunderstood." There's also an uncut, extended version in which Sandoval has a little more dialogue in the end. Since his character in the video was such a hit, he was also asked to reprise the same role in Bon Jovi's 2002 follow-up video "All About Lovin' You." In this video, his character proposes to his girlfriend who caught him cheating in the beginning of the saga.

Sandoval also addressed this gig in the same blog post. "Well, because of my professionalism and awesomeness (OK, I'm being a bit cocky, LOL!), I went on to shoot the next video ("All About Loving You") and many more things came from that," he wrote.

Long before his Vanderpump Rules days, Sandoval also starred in a handful of films, short films, and videos. And those really going back into the archives may remember that he also had a brief (shirtless) cameo in a 2006 episode of The Hills, which Sandoval also spoke about on Bravo. He appeared on the show during a Teen Vogue casting call. "I get tweets about it all the time," he told the Daily Dish in 2015.

After being part of the SURvivor gang since 2012, Sandoval is now pursing a career as a restaurateur. The former SUR employee is partnering up with co-star and fellow part-time bartender Tom Schwartz to open the bar Tom Tom. "It's coming along. It's looking great. It's been a lot of work," he said on Watch What Happens Live in April.

Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd are getting in on the entrepreneurial effort as well. "We went in there with Ken and Lisa the other day, and we just looked around at the space and how much progress has been made, and it's such a gorgeous spot," Sandoval told the Daily Dish. "[It's] this really cool, unique environment, and it's gonna be something special." Opening Tom Tom could mean Sandoval is tucking his headshot away for now, but luckily there's always Bon Jovi videos to look back on.