Vanessa Hudgens Is Designing A Suit Line & You're Going To Love Her Reason Why

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While fans mostly know her for being part of one of the most beloved Disney Channel Original Movies of all time (hello, High School Musical) and for her acting and singing chops (see: Fox’s Grease: Live! and GiGi on Broadway for starters), Vanessa Hudgens is starting a suit line and officially adding a new title — designer — to her resume. Though she didn’t start her career looking to become a fashion mogul, she says she’s thrilled to give the new gig a shot.

“I fully did some design with Suit Studio. I designed a capsule collection of women’s suits. It’s all sold separately so you can get the right sizes and it’s very me,” she says when we speak at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills ahead of the release of her new movie, Dog Days (in theaters now). Suit Studio currently sells women’s suits in separates — a godsend considering that most women aren't built to wear the same size in tops as they do in bottoms. But while Hudgens is excited, she knows she’s in brand new territory.

“It’s kind of terrifying because I had total freedom in design and I’d never done it before,” she admits. “They gave me no pushback and fully executed the ideas I had, just beautifully and all the pieces are so extremely well tailored and beautiful materials and I think really classic pieces and something that I’m really proud of.”

Hudgens certainly isn’t the first celeb-turned designer, but her choice of line was a bit shocking. After all, as we chat, she’s fidgeting with a marigold, boho style gown — one that seems more in line with her usual romantic, flowing red carpet style and her Coachella-inspired casual looks. But as it turns out, women’s suits are extremely close to her heart and one of her favorite styles — for very good reason.

“I, being a petite female, had always felt young in a crowd of women, and I remember putting on a suit, my own very personal suit that I got for myself when I was 29, like end of 28 beginning of 29, and feeling like a woman,” she says. And while she doesn’t wear them every time she steps out, you can spot Hudgens donning the trend as far back as 2011. “It was effortless. I felt strong and powerful and assertive, but also sexy and I know how impactful that was on my life and I want to be able to share that with other women.”

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In many ways, fans should have seen this coming — after all, she named Bianca Jagger, who's donned a few iconic suits, as her fashion inspo in an interview with Byrdie back in April: “I mean, I love Bianca Jagger. I just feel like I'm such a '70s baby at heart, and she's just like the epitome of the feminine mixed with the masculine. She is just the ultimate cool chick,” she said.

While Hudgens didn’t share the rest of the details of her new line (like when we can start shopping) fans can keep an eye out for a new music video with a very “nostalgic” (hint, hint, HSM fans) bent at the end of the summer and her new movie with Jennifer Lopez, Second Act, this November. And when the line finally does drop, Hudgens can finally add the title of Power Suit Designer to her extensive, growing resume. Get it, girl.