Victoria Beckham's New Pollution Protector Comes At A Price

David M. Benett/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Anything Victoria Beckham touches turns to gold, and perhaps the best proof of this is her beauty line, which has done phenomenally well since it launched. VB began her collection with makeup, and at the end of last year expanded into skincare, launching a coveted priming moisturiser in collaboration with skin expert Dr Augutinus Bader. And now, Victoria Beckham just launched a new serum in her skincare line, and it looks damn exciting...

Both Victoria Beckham Beauty and Dr Augustinus Bader have been teasing the new product on their Instagram pages for days now, and while there initially wasn't much information, it's now clear the new product is a serum.

The Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum is the "first rejuvenating, reparative, defensive serum powered by @AugustinusBader’s patented TFC8® technology," according to Victoria Beckham Beauty's most recent post.

The serum's main claim to fame seems to be its ability to protect skin from environmental aggressors such as pollution. "Power Serum balances your skin’s microbiome and strengthens the skin’s barrier function to keep beneficial nutrients in and harmful aggressors out," another post on Instagram read. "This leaves your skin stronger, healthier and visibly transformed."

The first indication of what we could expect came from an Instagram post that shows a pipette squeezing out a serum-like product, but with the words "1990 called. It wants your serum back," followed by "Upgrade your technology." This perhaps suggests the new serum is unlike any other traditional serum you have tried before.

VBB's previous posts have referred to the product as a pollutant protectant. One video shows a selection of modern day stresses, mostly in relation to fast-paced city life. The caption reads:

"Fast-paced environments affect our skin health daily with pollution from traffic, blue light exposure from laptops + phones, and city smog..Take a moment and empower your skin from morning til night and bring out your skin’s radiance while also protecting it from harmful elements. Starting February 4th, #PowerYourSkin from within. #CleanBeauty"

On the Instagram stories of Victoria Beckham Beauty, the brand also shared some stats about the new product, including that 100% of people saw an improvement in their skin barrier function, 90% said their skin was calmed and soothed, and 86% saw an increase in radiance.

Sound intriguing? You can get your hands on the new serum now at although be warned: at £180, it sure ain't cheap!