Victoria Beckham's Fave Alcoholic Bevs Include A Total Party Classic

by Aoife Hanna
Victoria Beckham has revealed her favourite drinks
Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's Friday night. You're in a pub. Victoria Beckham walks up to the bar. OMG, what do you do? Obviously buy the gal a drink! So which libation does she lust after? Champagne? A classic G&T? Or maybe she throws a curveball and asks for a pint of Stella? Well guys Victoria Beckham favourite alcoholic drinks are, in fact, none of the above. Nope, VB's poison is a red wine or a tequila.

The former pop star and current fashion and beauty mogul spilled the beans while appearing on This Morning on Tuesday Oct 9. It was while she spoke about her healthy lifestyle and the importance of balance that she let viewers in on her bevs of choice. The Daily Mail reports that, for the star, balance is key, as Beckham said:

"I try to be really really healthy, I expect a lot of myself and my body. I have four kids and work a lot, I try to be healthy, fresh fish, fresh vegetables, fruit and I drink a lot of water. I am not saying I'm not fun, I am known to drink a few tequilas and a few red wines, it's that balance. Working out, but having fun is also super important."
This Morning/ITV

Anyone else imagining themselves sipping red wine and smashing tequilas with Posh Spice or is that just me?

Beckham was on This Morning speaking about the secrets to her glowing appearance and sharing some of the rules she lives by. Speaking about the best pre-bedtime routine, Beckham said: "Definitely take make-up off every night before bed, use a really good moisturiser that works for your skin type and stay hydrated!"

Being expert in terms of self care is fairly on brand for Beckham as not only do we all know she looks the bomb dot com, but also she's recently moved into the beauty world. Not content with slaying the music and fashion industry, she's come through products that are to die for. On Sept. 14, Beckham and her friend and co-founder Sarah Creal launched Victoria Beckham Beauty, a completely cruelty-free line.

And Victoria Beckham Beauty is the first time the former singer has dipped her toe in the beauty world. In 2016, Beckham collaborated with Estée Lauder on a luxury line of beauty products, which recieved rave reviews from those in the industry.

However, while VB may have become a fashion and beauty hero over the last decade or so, rarely stepping out the front door without looking enviably chic, she did reveal to This Morning that there are a fair few beauty looks from back in the day that she still cringes at:

"Way too much lip liner in the Spice Girls, way too much! America Music Awards, probably my worse makeup look a lot of eye, a lot of lip, a lot of blush, you know, it was the '90s."

OMG I feel low key upset by her dissing such iconic looks. But I'm still rushing out the door to stock up on red wine and tequila in case she comes over.