Of Course Alayah Is Involved In Victoria F. & Chase Rice's 'Bachelor' Drama

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Attention, Bachelor Nation: Alayah is back, and she's ready to start some drama. Victoria Fuller and Chase Rice's upcoming Bachelor reunion is going to get extra messy thanks to the newly-returned Alayah, according to a new preview for the episode airing on Jan. 27. As seen in the sneak peek published by Entertainment Weekly, things will get dicey between the two women after Alayah — who is still upset that she was eliminated after the other women told Peter that she's "fake" — shared the leaked reports about Victoria and Rice's relationship with everyone.

In the preview shown at the end of the most recent episode, Peter takes Victoria on a one-on-one date to see Rice perform, forcing the Virginia Beach native to nervously confess to the bachelor that "Chase and I dated." While it seems that she will share her side of the story with Peter on the show, based on the clips of her crying while on their date, Victoria apparently didn't tell the other women competing on The Bachelor about her famous ex.

Enter, Alayah, who reveals in the new clip that she read about Victoria and Rice during her brief departure from the show. "So I heard that you were telling people that something had leaked about me and Chase," Victoria says, wine glass in hand. "Can you explain ... why you feel the need to go around and say that?" The beauty queen responded that she had "no idea" that it wasn't common knowledge adding, "it was literally all over the place while I was home."

Despite Alayah's excuses, Victoria is clearly furious that she shared something "very personal" with the other girls behind her back, and lets her know that she's willing to put up a fight for her place in the competition. "Do you not see [how] that's stirring the pot — which is why you had left in the first place?" Victoria fires back. "You're manipulative."

That hits a nerve for Alayah, who was eliminated after Victoria P. confessed to Peter that Alayah asked her to lie about the fact that they knew each other before The Bachelor.

"You may think that you're safe because you came back, but I have some very choice words to say to Peter, and he's going to know who you are as a person," Victoria F. says the preview clip, before walking out of the hotel room. If the other girls' opinions manage to outweigh Peter's regrets over sending Alayah home, it looks like her return may be short-lived.

Regardless of how her fight with Victoria F. ends, it seems like there's still quite a few more twists and turns in store for Alayah. "Maybe the wildest roller coaster ride of the entire season centers around Alayah," Chris Harrison said in an Instagram video ahead of the season, adding that there's "controversy" and "emotion" involved in her journey on the show.

Returning contestants, dramatic confrontations and someone coming face to face with the famous ex while on a date — clearly this season of The Bachelor really is the most turbulent one yet.