Jimmy Fallon's Golden Globes Opening Is So Good


One of the best parts of any awards show is if the show's host manages to make the year's best films into a hilarious celebration of cinema, TV, and pop culture — and as the video of Jimmy Fallon's Golden Globes opening shows, the night got off to a perfect start. Before he took to the stage to start mocking his fellow celebrities, Fallon had a La La Land-inspired filmed "cold open" prologue to his joke-filled monologue. Almost every show, film, and full on phenomenon from the last year made an appearance in the opening video, from Stranger Things to Game of Thrones to O.J. Simpson (through the appearance of John Travolta, who was more in Grease mode than Hairspray, thankfully).

The first half of the video managed to work in references to almost every and anything from 2016's pop culture, especially TV, so I hope you were caught up on Westworld before tuning in. And the video's big dance number was almost as lush and beautiful as the real La La Land's cinematography. Check out that Storm Trooper.

But the video also had a tribute, or really spoof, of La La Land's more intimate side with its second half. Sitting at a piano just like Ryan Gosling, playing a selection of "City of Stars," the film's big song, Fallon traded Lifesavers with Ryan Reynolds. Unfortunately, Weekend Update fans were robbed of their chance to see Tina Fey play Emma Stone's ingenue role — but then, the Globes managed to make it up to us by instead having BFFs Fallon and Justin Timberlake waltzing through the stars the same way the lovelorn Sebastian and Mia do at Griffith Observatory in the movie.

Overall, this opening video showed that La La Land really is one of the biggest films of the year, people still aren't over Stranger Things or Game of Thrones, and Jimmy Fallon's SNL pals will always be there to help him with a joke.