Kanye West Fans Are So Happy About His Surprise Performance & You Will Be Too When You See The Video

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This past NBA All-Star Weekend has full of surprises. As if the footage of Donovan Mitchell dunking over Kevin Hart didn't stir up the internet enough, this video of Kanye West's surprise performance with Kid Cudi at Adidas' 747 Warehouse event on Feb. 18 most certainly will. The Life of Pablo rapper joined Kid Cudi on stage to perform "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1," and even though the cameo only lasted for a mere two minutes, just watching will make you realize just how much missed seeing West do his thing.

Over the past year and a half, West has had a pretty tumultuous relationship with the press. However, in Nov. 2016, the rapper made headlines for going on rants about his support for Donald Trump and disdain for close friends Beyoncé and Jay-Z during the Sacramento stop on his Saint Pablo tour. Shortly following, West canceled multiple shows on the tour due to being hospitalized for exhaustion, resulting in a $10 million lawsuit with the tour insurer.

West took a bit of a hiatus from the limelight, but in Nov. 2017 joined his pal, and Good Music label signee, Kid Cudi on stage in Chicago to perform "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1," leading to an all out social media frenzie amongst fans. Everyone was happy to see the rapper back in action, and wondered if the brief cameo meant West could be introducing more music into the fold sometime soon. To much disappointment, West didn't make a full-on comeback right away, but his latest cameo at Adidas 747 Warehouse with Kid Cudi could mean that one is definitely on his radar.

Kid Cudi, wasn't listed on the original Adidas event's bill as a performer, but once announced, fans were pretty stoked about it. But West, dressed in dad shorts and a hoodie, was simply the icing on top of an already stellar performance. The rapper looked amazingly comfortable while on the Adidas event stage, and it was clear, from the fan reactions, that he's surely been missed.

By the looks of the social media reactions, fans are definitely holding out hope that West makes this whole performance thing a regular occurrence. It's been two years since West's last album, The Life of Pablo, was released, so having new music from the rapper is totally on the wish list too.

These days, West is not only laying low from concert halls, but he's also absent from social media too. To be honest, the rapper has never really been extremely obsessed with any of the platforms, only popping up when he had something important to get off his chest, but in May 2017, West deleted all of his accounts. The husband and father reactivated his Instagram page on Feb. 14, creating a beautiful collage of pictures for his wife, Kim Kardashian, for the holiday, but just a couple days later, West deactivated his account again. But don't fret, however. Because West popping up could mean that the rapper is gearing up to stick around for a little longer.

West's surprise cameo performances could seriously just be his way of easing back into the limelight. Looking at the video from his Feb. 17 appearance, it's clear that West misses the stage just as much, if not more, as fans have missed him. The energy was so undeniable that even those tuning in from the sidelines, including those online, can feel the warmth. West may not be on social media, but you can bet that those close to him are keeping their pulse on pop culture happenings. And hopefully, someone is clueing him in to just how much people have missed his presence.