Watch These Videos Of Harry Styles Basically Lighting Up The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Stage

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One small step for man, one giant leap for boy band-kind. The videos of Harry Styles at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai suggest the pop star was living his best life, and watching them will make you feel like you're living yours too. It was a situation that could have been more awkward than hedonistic, since, as The Daily Mail has already observed, Styles has been linked with at least three of the Victoria's Secret models romantically (Sara Sampaio, Georgia Fowler, and Nadine Leopold), and surely nothing ups the awkwardness ante on running into an ex in public than one of them being in a state of sultry undress. But, if this was the case, then apparently the "Sign of the Times" singer has very healthy, chill relationships with his rumored exes.

Styles seemed to be in the best possible mood, getting goofy and dancing along with his songs as he serenaded the audience. Then again, why wouldn't he? According to Harper's Bazaar, musicians as varied as Kanye West, Hozier, Jay-Z, The Spice Girls, Sting, Destiny's Child, and Phil Collins have all performed during the show in the past. Finally, the solo star got to prove that his performance would rank him amongst the pantheon of the greats, too. So, before you watch the full show on Nov. 28, check out these video clips that will make you feel like you were there.

The Show Matched The Models To The Soundtrack

This is an overview of the whole show, but there's a short clip of Styles singing "Kiwi" at the beginning, and kudos has be given to Victoria's Secret for seemingly styling the models in outfits that complement the music. As such, the 23-year-old's rock n' roll anthem gets paired with thigh high boots, red underwear, and RBF. Which makes sense, given the lyrics, which name check such vices as cheap cigarettes, hard liquor, and hanging out in New York. These girls aren't messing around.

Harry Styles Dances Just Like You Do

The Brit proves he's so relatable that Jennifer Lawrence better watch out. He's one fawning Kardashian interview away from swiping her place at the top of the "Celebrities — they're just like us" list. It's hard not to enjoy the fact that Styles enjoys his own music just as much as the average human being with functioning ear drums rocking out to Harry Styles on laundry day does.

The Inevitable "Only Angel" Performance

Did Styles pen this song solely for the purposes of securing a performance at the Victoria's Secret show? Or just to get everyone wondering if he'd written a song about Kendall Jenner? Anything's possible, I guess. Anyway, whatever the history to the song, you'd have to be insane if you organized the Victoria's Secret show and didn't request this angel-friendly hit.

Karlie Kloss And Styles High-Fiving, Apparently

This is very, very blurry, but the two figures onstage do seem to high five, or at least do some sort of air high five (like an air kiss, but with hands). The idea of a Kloss-Styles friendship is an intriguing one, since Kloss is famously friends with Taylor Swift AKA Styles' ex. And since, according to a TMZ video, at least when they ran into each other in 2015, Styles and Swift didn't seem overjoyed to see each other, which might suggest that their friendship circles don't usually overlap. But, hey, maybe the model and the musician have managed to forge a friendship together anyway.

His 2017 self-titled solo record is heated, to say the least, so what better choice could there have been for a show that's all about sexy underwear than your man Styles? But it's not just about sleazy-cool rock n' roll music. As the videos above suggest, he went into it and had the time of his life.