Warning: These Videos Of Tyler From 'The Bachelorette' Dancing WILL Make You Swoon

by Rebecca Patton
Mark Bourdillon/ABC

Tyler C. is already a Bachelor Nation favorite, but once you see these videos of Tyler C. dancing on The Bachelorette you will fall even more in love with him. And hopefully there are more to come as the series moves into Week 9 and the hometown dates. The former football player is a clear audience favorite, with many fans clamoring for him to be the next Bachelor if Hannah doesn't choose him. And how could she not? Not only is he charming and handsome, but he's come to her defense on Twitter and gave her that mushy speech about football. Plus, our boy can cut a rug.

Audiences should have been tipped off that busting moves would be a central part of his personality when they read the general contractor's bio. "Tyler LOVES to dance," it read. "He says his friends get embarrassed by how intense he gets on the dance floor, but he doesn't care." Fortunately, there's still time left in the season for the football wunderkind to bust some more moves — if things go well down in Jupiter, Florida, that is.

Here are some of his best dances from before and during The Bachelorette that have been caught on camera.

The OG Video

Tyler's intro video (which starts 15 seconds in) started out innocently enough — the general contractor was depicted working construction, as one does. However, he soon stripped off his shirt and began dancing around his work site, Footloose-style. "Me and Kevin Bacon are like, offspring when it comes to dancing," he told the camera.

But it's not just a hobby for Tyler. As he said in the clip, he was about two classes away from minoring in dance at Wake Forest University. "It just puts you out there, and you're vulnerable, and that's just what I love to do," he explained.

The Piano Man

This was the bizarre dance heard 'round the world. It's hard to say what exactly Tyler is doing with his body in this clip. Is he convulsing? Jitterbugging? Is it interpretive jazz? While it's too advanced for us plebeians to understand, one thing was certain: He and his skin-tight, white pants were launched into Bachelorette stardom after he tippy-tapped his way around the piano, his arms curled skywards in some strange Thriller homage.

And Tyler's aware of the smallness of his pants. As he wrote on Twitter, "Unimpressed not as many of you are ripping me for the white jegging/capris that I was wearing. Can’t believe @DustinKendrick7 let me out of the house looking like that and he was my roommate... smh."

In Fact, Fans Likened Him to Elvis

Could it be that his moves come from The King himself? Whatever the case, let's hope that Tyler hasn't left the building by the time the finale rolls around.

The Safety Dance

This Tyler move is a bit more dialed back than his usual fare, which any dance-challenged wedding guest could mimic in a bind.

The Third Wheel Bop

In an Instagram video from 2018, Tyler recorded himself and a friend bobbing their heads to House of Pain's "Jump Around" while a couple made out in the background. He aptly called it "the Ty Cam Kiss Cam," which has a nice ring to it.

He's On A Boat

Sadly, there are no videos of this event, but the slideshow captures that special, Tyler C. je ne sais quoi necessary for a casual boat dance.

The Hannah

After spotting fellow Bachelorette contestant, Pete, Tyler leapt oh-so gracefully into his arms. As he divulged on Twitter, this jump was "the only bit of athletic ability" that he had left. What's more, he assured fans that "not one drop was spilled in the making of this bromance."

So there you have it! It's been well-established that Tyler C.'s got moves, but hopefully Hannah will be able to keep up.