Walmart's Holiday Desserts Are Already On Shelves, Including Peppermint Creme Pie

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Sure, the weather outside might be the very definition of autumnal — and in some places, it may even be hot. Sure, we only officially entered fall what feels like moments ago. Sure, Halloween is still over a month away. And yet — and yet — it seems that holidays are in the air. Before you've even had time to drink your weight in pumpkin spice, it's time to pivot to peppermint and eggnog, because Walmart's holiday desserts have already started to arrive. Sure, it all looks glorious — but it isn't it a little early?

Some epic Christmas treats were spotted by Instagrammer @CandyHunting. "Happy first official day of fall! According to Walmart, that means winter desserts!" the post reads. "Holiday Peppermint Crème Pie, Peppermint ice cream, Eggnog ice cream, and Frozen Hot Chocolate ice cream ... are out now at Walmart already."

I mean, yes — they look incredible. They all have me very intrigued indeed, especially the Holiday Peppermint Crème Pie, which looks like the perfect holiday dessert. It's time to go and get your hands on one of these treats although, realistically, they will probably be around until the actual holiday season. Unless starting Nov. 1 we clear out all of the holiday things to make room for Easter candy — but I don't think we've reached that level of ridiculousness quite yet.

If you can't get to Walmart anytime soon, the Egg Nog ice cream and the Peppermint ice cream have both already popped up on their website, for just $2.97 each. The Peppermint option features a Cool Mint ice cream base with real peppermint candy inside, while the Egg Nog flavor is dying to be made into some boozy holiday milkshake.

It may be difficult to wrap your mind around holiday treats when the sun is still shining down, but the seasonal food calendar is about as confusing as it gets — so it's best to strap in and enjoy the ride. We live in a world where prosecco advent calendars make an appearance at the same time as a boozy adult trick-or-treat at a winery — all at the same time that you can get your hands on Glitter Cranberry Sauce. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas — seriously, the choice is yours. We can indulge in any holiday specialty at any time of year and it feels like only a matter of time until we just mesh July through December into one big holiday gorge-fest where anything goes. Eggnog and pumpkin spice will come out of every pore, all tangled up with some Halloween candy. It sounds delicious and terrifying — and I'm counting down the days.

But still, it's always a little jarring to see Christmas products in September — although for some reason seeing ice cream flavors with a holiday twist seems OK any time of year. Will you be reaching for the holiday treats or holding off until December? Or at least until Halloween passes? The choice is yours, but that Holiday Peppermint Crème Pie is going to get us all, sooner or later. It's just too powerful to resist.

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