You Can Buy A Prosecco Advent Calendar With 24 Mini Bottles Of Bubbly


Time to give the truest give of all — the gift of bubbles. With Halloween creeping up and the holiday season just around the corner, you may already be excited about one of the best parts of the holidays — the advent calendars. Why celebrate with one day of gifts, when you can have over 20 days of gifts? And it's not just about giving to other people — buying yourself advent calendars has become something of a thing. And what better gift to give yourself than a prosecco advent calendar?

That's right, you can get a whole month of sparkling goodness with The Pip Stop's Superstar Sparkling Advent Calendar. "Our Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar is a decadent mixture of 20 cl bottles of white and rosé fizz including prosecco, cava, and champagne," the description explains. "Perfect for putting an element of sparkle into your festive season." Sounds like a win, right?

There's one problem — it's only available in the UK, but it ships overseas, according to Town And Country. At £125 (or around $155 dollars), it's not cheap. But isn't that a small price to pay for staying warm all through December? It's available to order on The Pip Stop's site and through Amazon UK and should be dispatching soon, so you'll have it well in time for the holidays.

If you don't want to deal with international shipping, you can keep an eye out for some options closer to home. There's the Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine, which keeps being a sell-out success year after year. "World class wines from renowned regions across Italy, France, Spain and more," the description explains. "No coal here, these wines are sure to impress." And each one comes in a handy glass-sized portion, so you can sip away and enjoy. This year's isn't out yet, but you can sign up on their website to be one of the first to get a glimpse of the 2019 offering. Last year's retailed for $129, so don't expect this one to come cheap either.

If you're looking for something a little stronger, the adult advent calendars don't just have to be wine-based. You can get the Heritage Distilling Co. Spirit Advent Calendar which will be going on sale soon, featuring a whole range of alcohol to get you through the holiday season.

And if you want to branch away from booze entirely, there are plenty of other ways to get your advent on. There are Halloween advent calendars if you can't wait for December, there are tons and tons of beauty advent calendars if you want to experience some real luxury, and, of course, you can get your hands on those classic chocolate advent calendars — because there is no better way to start your day than with an injection of chocolate. That's true in December, but also in every other damn month of the year.

But for true-blue decadence, it's hard to beat a calendar filled to the brim with sparkling wine and prosecco — or any kind of alcohol for that matter. It's the perfect way to show someone that you really, truly care — even if that person is yourself. But a lot of these calendars tend to sell out fast, so keep your eyes peeled and, remember, December will be here before you know it.