This Winery Has Adult Trick-Or-Treating For Delicious Boozy Beverages

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Uh, folks? I… may have to take a trip out to Pennsylvania soon. Like, within the next month. Why? Because I just discovered that you can go trick-or-treating at one winery in Pennsylvania — and the treats include both sweet treats and wine. The winery in question is Chaddsford Winery in southeastern Pennsylvania’s Brandywine Valley, while the event is legit called Adult Trick-Or-Treat. Best Halloween event ever, or best Halloween event ever? I’m going to go with the latter, because honestly, I think it’s worth the extra emphasis.

Originally established in 1982, Chaddsford Winery has been one of Pennsylvania’s biggest players in the wine scene for decades. They specialize in “approachable, food-friendly wines,” with a portfolio including dry whites, dry reds, and a variety of sweet wines — not all of which are made from grapes. (Spiced apple wine? Yes please!) Knowing this, it makes perfect sense that the winery would incorporate food into its Halloween programming; the trick-or-treat angle, however, is, dare I say, ingenious. One of the great joys of celebrating Halloween as an adult is being able to recapture the magic of the holiday we experience as children — just, y’know, with a more grown-up bent. And what better way to bring childhood together with adulthood than by trick-or-treating for wine?

The Chaddsford Winery has been putting on the Adult Trick-Or-Treat event for several years now; indeed, it’s grown increasingly popular with each iteration. In 2019, Adult Trick-Or-Treat will occur each Saturday and Sunday at the winery from Sept. 28 through Oct. 27, with sessions at 11:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 2:30 p.m., and 4:00 p.m. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 onsite day-of — as long as the day you go hasn’t already sold out, of course. (Naturally, it’s recommended that you secure your tickets online in advance so as to guarantee your spot. The event occurs rain or shine, so you won’t have to worry about unexpected cancellations.)

Typically, the event consists of a self-guiding walking tour of the winery, with five “trick-or-treat” stops along the way where you’re privy to special Halloween food and wine pairings — often involving sweets, but with the occasional savory option, as well. You get a special Halloween glass from which to enjoy your tastings, too, which you get to take home at the end of the event; usually it’s delightfully spooky, so, uh, it’s absolutely something I’d like to have in my wine glass collection. Here’s what it looked like in 2017, for example:

It’s covered in dancing skeletons. I love it.

Anyway, the trick-or-treat stops are all themed, of course, because what’s the point of having a Halloween event if you’re not going to get spooky about it? Here’s what to expect from each one this year:

  • The Dante’s Inferno stop offers a spicy-sweet combination, pairing Éclat Aleppo chile truffles and cinnamon-y Hot Tamales with Chaddsford’s Sunset Blush rosé and Hershey, Pa.-based brewery Tröegs’ Troegenator Double Bock beer.
  • The Pumpkin Patch presents a “Scarecrow Slushie” garnished with a Halloween-themed Peep and the winery’s Spiced Apple wine served warm with a caramel Sugar Daddy stirrer.
  • The What Lurks Below stop gets savory, pairing crab mac and cheese with a wine cocktail made from Chaddsford’s ’17 Pressage — a Sauvignon Blanc-heavy white blend with fruity, spicy notes — and Leviathan Wine.
  • The Mummies Tomb continues the savory trend with its offering of pita chips and a hummus trio in Garlic, Black Bean, and Red Pepper varieties, served alongside glasses of the winery’s 2017 vintages of both its Pinot Grigio and its smoky, spicy, berry-tinged Red Standard.
  • And lastly, the Zombie Yard stop pairs a “worms ‘n’ dirt” cupcake with the ’17 Harbinger red blend (notes include vanilla, black cherry, and stewed blueberry) and the decadent Chaddsford Red blend (with notes of candied cherry, grape, and strawberry).

In addition to the trick-or-treat stations, there will also be food trucks onsite during the event. They change up each weekend, but the first weekend, it’ll be Chilin Food Cart + Mama Mia; you can see the full schedule of food trucks over at Chaddsford’s website. Oh, and did I mention that there are benefits to arriving in costume? You’ll be eligible for 20% off any bottle purchases you make at Chaddsford ‘s shop if you attend decked out in your Halloween finest.

And just in case trick-or-treating isn’t your thing, the winery will also still be open for regular business during the event — so you can just, y’know, come to check out the beautiful location, do a tasting or grab a wine flight, and relax, too.

Find out more about the Adult Trick-Or-Treat event at Chaddsford Winery here; pick up tickets here; and check out the winery’s full website with visiting information here. Happy almost-Halloween!

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