You Can Buy Glitter Cranberry Sauce For The Most Extra Thanksgiving Yet


We've barely passed into September and felt the first whispers of a chill, but the internet is ready for fall. From Pumpkin Spice Lattes to Halloween celebrations, we're gearing up for the blustery season — and some of us are skipping right to Thanksgiving. Because now, behold — Glitter Cranberry Sauce is here to get your Thanksgiving started in the most deliciously millennial of ways.

That's right, this is perfect for you if you've ever looked at your plain, old cranberry sauce and thought, "This doesn't look like something I would wear on my face at a festival." Because, now, there's glitter in it. I mean, that's really the only explanation for this. It comes from Firebox, which specializes in weird products you didn't know you needed, and they are excited about it.

"This cranberry sauce takes the biscuit, every time," the description explains. "Just look at it. It’s glittery! Packed with a mad level of edible shimmer, if this doesn’t scream 'CELEBRATION!' at the top of its lungs then nothing does."

But actually, it's not just about the glitter — though the glitter is clearly the star of the show. This cranberry sauce delivers on an unusual flavor palate, with a boozy-fruity twist you probably haven't tried.

"You simply can’t beat the cranberry-orange-vodka combo," the description reads. "To be honest with you, we can’t believe nobody’s thought of it before."

Any product that lets you smuggle some more vodka into a family event is a win in my book. The glitter may just be a distraction from the flavor (and the alcohol), after all.

This Thanksgiving upgrade will cost you a lot more than your traditional can of cranberry sauce — we're talking $12.99 for 210-gram jar. But it is glittery, made with vodka, and will look great on your 'gram — so it may be worth the investment.

For those of us still mourning the passing of summer, it's hard to imagine that fall and all it brings is truly heading our way. But Glitter Cranberry Sauce isn't the only fall holiday gift we've already been blessed with. There is so much Halloween in the air already, from Cauldron Skittles perfect for the holiday to guinea pig Halloween costumes from PetSmart. Oh, and I can't forget about the Oogie Boogie Halloween costume, which not only will let you get whisked away in the Halloween spirit, but it basically serves as an investment piece in your future happiness.

And that's before even mentioning all of the pumpkin-scented and pumpkin-flavored products of the season. Just assume that everything you've ever used — bread, a car, a remote control — now comes in pumpkin spice flavor or scent. Seriously, it's easier just to give in.

But for those of you who really like to plan ahead, you may be looking beyond Halloween and straight into Thanksgiving — fair enough, it's always good to be prepared, especially for food-based holidays. So if you want to get ready for the gobble of all gobbles, then you may want to start your planning with some Glitter Cranberry Sauce. Will vodka, orange, and glitter create a new Thanksgiving tradition? You'll have to dive in to find out.